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Summary: "Good luck shutting me up now! You can't drug me to sleep anymore."


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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Nightmares

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Inner Demon
Other Dillon

Physical Appearance

He is a shapeshifter, but most of the time, he chooses to look like his twisted interpretation of what a "better" Dillon would be:

More mature with sharper features, flawless pale skin, perfect elegant hair, a slim athletic body, and for some reason, he's a little shorter. His voice is even more mature.

His sense of style goes far beyond Dillon's casual preferences. Sometimes he can look like a handsome, well dressed young man, other times, he's an attractive punk with eyeliner and piercings.

Sometimes, he chooses to look like Dillon's father or other people from his life.

Personality and interests

He loves music just as much as Dillon, but prefers the darker side of Dillon's interests, like metal and happy songs about suicide, etc. Less pop punk, more punk rock.

His behavior is the complete opposite of Dillon's. He's confident and out-spoken, not a shy bone in his body. He's loud, rude, and mean spirited, but he can be flirty and charming as well.

He's manipulative, acting however he needs to around other people to get his way.

In reality, he's all the unspoken and suppressed thoughts of Dillon's subconscious- The adolescent instincts and all the whisperings of depression and anxiety, armed with every ounce of Dillon's vulnerabilities.

History/place of origin

The void produced him from Dillon's mind as a result of a nightmare. He has a seperate body, but he's anchored firmly as a product of Dillon's psyche.

His name was actually Dillon's from before he was adopted.

Role (take this however you want)

He is Dillon's personal Hell on legs.

From his twisted point of view, he does care about Dillon. He cares very much about Dillon, but he still wants him to suffer at his hands.

Thoughts and goals about their current situation

He's perfectly happy to have his own body and individual thoughts.

He wants to pull Dillon apart and break him down emotionally. He's not entirely sure why, but it gives him energy. It feels right. It's a strong compulsion. He thinks maybe he's doing it to help Dillon with self improvement, but he's doing it in the worst way possible.

He wants Dillon to feel so alone, scared, and hopeless, that he only has Isaac to turn to.

Sexuality (just for flavor)

He's not interested in anyone but Dillon, but he's more than happy to divulge Dillon's feelings.

Flaws (required)

It's difficult (like cutting out a bullet with a knife) but Dillon does have the capability of finding Isaac's own weaknesses and finding counter arguments to Isaac's criticisms.

Song (a song (or songs) that you feel best represents aspects of them)

Continued story from Dillon's page-

"Dead!" - My Chemical Romance

"Phantom" - Nate Wants to Battle

"Addict" - Silva Hound

"Control" - Halsey

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Image of Isaac
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