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Image of Haleigh Mallory Iverson

Summary: Haleigh reflects on other peoples feelings and is very helpful

Haleigh Mallory Iverson

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Nightmares

Nickname (optional)


Physical Appearance

Haleigh has blue eyes and blonde long hair. Haleigh is 5'5

Personality and interests

Haleigh's Personality reflects on other peoples.

History/place of origin

Haleigh's parents died and she was taken to this place where they had trained her. She was put into this void with no memory but her name. She has no idea why she is here. She was born on earth.

Role (take this however you want)


Thoughts and goals about their current situation

Haleigh doesn't know where she is. She is just trying to find other people.

Sexuality (just for flavor)

Haleigh doesn't know yet.

Flaws (required)

Haleigh gets Jealous easily.

Song (a song (or songs) that you feel best represents aspects of them)

you are the reason why I'm still hanging on

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