This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Sep 15, 2020, 7:44pm

Note: we're here for character interaction, not playing Minecraft.

You might remember your life before, you might not, or maybe your memory is something inbetween, but you don't remember how you got here. You just woke up here.

Characters should be human and original (not from anything that you didn't create.)

The purpose of this blank canvas is to fill it. The void will bend to your will and give you almost whatever you want so long as that thing can't think for itself. (There are limitations when it comes to scale and complexity- for example, about a mile of landscape at a time.) Nothing will appear while you're looking at it. Usually, something will appear when you're turned the other way. Sometimes things will appear or change in a blink.

Characters can typically only create real things that they are familiar with from their own world and time or prior to it, however there is some wiggle room. If the character is shown something by someone from a different or future world, they may be able to reproduce it themselves.

The void can't alter you or others around you. All it can do is give you physical things when you need them. Apart from conservation of mass and enegry, the void does follow the rules of physics.

You're still mortal here and you still have a physical body. You can be hurt and you can die. You still have to eat and sleep.

It seems that the void is listening to your thoughts. Some of you may begin to suspect that the void itself may have some kind of consiousness. Are you the one creating these things, or is the void simply listening to your desires?

Rules: typical rules

You can play an asshole, but don't take it too far. Be an asshole to anyone in real life, however, and you'll be kicked out.

No god modding. This means no mary sues and no excessive good luck. This also means no controlling or speaking for someone elses character. (Small assumptions are acceptable, but be prepared to go back and alter your post.)

There can absolutely be conflict, but try to construct a good story here. Every character is important, but don't assume you're more important than anyone else. Let everyone have a turn in the spotlight.

No romantic relationships between minors and adults, but I will give some wiggle room for up to a three year age difference.

I love to see some dark shit, but don't take things too far. I don't expect a villain to be a good person, but as a player, take responsibility and make sure that if you're going to do anything past PG-13 that everyone involved is cool with it.

Any level of swearing is allowed, but any slurs (no, Karen is not a slur) will get you yeeted.

At the heart of it, this game is vague and experimental. It would take a lot of work to make it hold water for long, but here's to hoping we can make something of it.

Feel free to email me. When in doubt about anything, message me and we'll discuss it. There's also a Discord. Email me for the link.