T ate silently as the atmosphere of the room continued to deteriorate, all in spite of his constant musings, desperate attempts to lighten things up but to no avail. He let out a sigh, oh so tired of these tense feelings, something was around the corner, he had to beat it before things went awry. T gave Pauling another glance, but this time not as any sort of signal, just to sort of see where the man was at. He then turned to Jacob, who looked even more down than before as he ate slowly and sullenly.

"Yo, it's pretty good," T said with his mouth full of fried rice and soy sauce. T's brows were furrowed with a tint of concern, but something else...determination? He turned back to his food, eating without any more words. He was finished before most of the others and placed his plate on the table, before standing and making his way across the room. As he did, Isaac and Jacob made their switch and the former began to get started with dessert. T looked on, Isaac seemed to be in as just a bad place as Jacob, and T felt the slightest tinge of guilt. What would they do to the clone they supposed was the imposter? Both seemed intelligent, sentient, one didn't seem to be a mindless drone only claiming sentience and emotion, but was it an act or not?

T approached Pauling, and why the hell not, he looked towards Grey as well.

"I think we need to wrap this up soon, y'all. Who do you think?" T tried to say this at a volume only the three of them could hear, but in truth, he didn't entirely care about that. He had his eye on Jacob and Issac, he knew which was which, he had this. In truth, he had every intention of deciding things right in front of the two, let them be involved, it would only be fair that way. He hoped then they could convince the false Dillon to give up the act then, he would be willing to make a compromise, Dillon's clone didn't seem to be nearly as dangerous as his own. T shuddered, his own image morphed and twisted into a monster. He wondered how close he himself was to that, what if he was just one really bad day away...

T shook his head, before looking at Grey.

"So which one of the Dillon's do you like more?" He asked, he didn't want to treat the man like a child, but he acted every bit of one, and T wasn't sure how else to approach him.

"Me personally...I think...I'm thinking that-"

"You're letting it bake for the full time?" came Jacob's voice, causing T to pause and look over at the two. He hadn't had his eye on them just then, had he? "I bet you could just have it done instantly."

Isaac shrugged. "I don't want the void doing the work and messing with my pie," he said. "Besides, having to wait has always been part of it. I like to think that's how aunt Zoe taught us patience. It's always more worth it if you have to wait for it."

Jacob nodded, "So now we have some time on our hands..."

T looked back at the others, before sliding his hands into his pockets.

"I think it's Jacob." He said softly, before turning back to the two.

"Aye y'all, look...I think it's about time to-"

Isaac sighed. "Look, before we start this witch hunt... There's... There's something I've always wanted to do, and now that there's two of me, I can finally do it..."

Jacob looked back at the others, confused and probably worried.

Isaac gave him a small smile. "Come on," he said. "We've always wished we could play more instruments at the same time. A one man band isn't exactly our look."

"N***a, what?" T spat, dumbfounded.

Jacob's eyes actually lit up, but he shook his head. "This isn't the time to-"

Isaac frowned, shrugging and tilting his head. "When is? When will this stupid opportunity ever come again? We all know one of us is probably going to be kicked out or something before that pie is even done. Come on. Just humor me. One last little chance to think about this before we do something we'll regret."

T felt his heart drop. Isaac wasn't, he wasn't trying anymore, was he? He was throwing the game. Was it just because he knew he couldn't win? Or did he have an ace?

"Okay..." said Jacob weakly. "Fine. It's your turn, I think... You want viola or piano? Or guitar? Or... what are we doing?"

T let a stressed breath out through his teeth as the two went to collect their instruments. Just where was he going with this, why was he acting differently? Did he legitimately want to play those instruments one last time? Damn it, this should make things easier.

"You think we know who's who?" T said, looking over at Pauling, and though his voice seemed mostly contained, his face carried an expression of pressed annoyance. And perhaps, the slightest hint of anger.


It wasn't long before the two got settled, Isaac at the piano, Jacob with the violin. Remember that, T thought, unsure if he would need those details later. And alas, he leaned against a wall, arms folded as the two began. He allowed himself to listen to the music, the piano sort of...bouncy? But also sinister somehow. God, he didn't like that, but he couldn't lie, to hear the music surround him as they played was almost enchanting. As time went on, though, the piano got slower and heavier, T could feel it in his chest, and feeling almost overwhelmed by the tension, he allowed himself to avert his eyes from the two. He looked to the window, it was almost morning now. They had done it, he supposed, now they just need to convict some-

T froze when he noticed a pair of eyes, wide and bloodshot, looking back at him. through the window, he saw himself, a reflection, but tangible. He wore a grey hoodie and jeans, sporting what looked like black leather gloves. a trail of dried blood went from his nose and mouth to his chin, and it seemed even more had been wiped upon his face. It was absolutely chilling. T had always felt that in the right conditions, he could be quite intimidating, but this look took the cake. T wasn't sure if anyone else had noticed, but as the song came to a close, T's clone made himself known, as he drew his head back, and slammed it into the window. T clutched his head and clenched his teeth as pain shot through his skull. The clone hadn't hit the glass hard enough to break it, but that had perhaps made the pain even worse. By now, the song was over, and everyone's attention was on the six-foot-tall maniac slamming his head into the window. The bastard winded his head back again, before colliding once more with the glass, and T clutched his face with both hands, growling audibly at the pain.

"SSFFST-STOP!" He shouted, eyes wide and breathing uneven, nearly scraping at his face as emotions boiled up inside of him. He could feel it again, in his chest, then up to his throat. He started to breathe heavier, and as his face was covered, his breaths became ragged and staggered. He was crying, it was too much to bear, too fucking much.

He caught a glimpse of the others, now they saw him at his worst, a fucking emotional wreck, a mess, a time bomb seconds away from ticking its last fucking tock.

The clone drew its arm back, seemingly satisfied with trying to knock itself out, and proceeded to smash it through the window. It struck repeatedly, and once the hole was big enough, it stepped through, shaking all of the glass off. Despite the many other people in the room, he looked directly at T.

"What're you gonna do, you little bitch?! You scared, huh, N****?!" He said, walking toward T as he struggled with himself. And as the hooded man was feet away, turned and looked him in his wild, bloodshot eyes, his own mirroring them.

Fuck him, he thought, Fuck him and everything he stands for! I HATE him!

I wish he'd just die.

He turned and pointed it at the bastard's head, the cold black barrel inches away from the front of his skull. There was the tiniest bit of fear and surprise, for only a moment, but it vanished in an instant. The gun was shaking, he didn't have it in him, he knew he didn't. It was just a scare tactic, just to buy some time, that's just how much of a bitch he really was.

"You ain't gon' do shit." Hooded T said, before leaning forward into the gun so that his head was right against it.

"Naw, that's ya Daddy you thinking 'bout! Yeah, he'll kill yo ass! You ain't like him. You ain't built like that. You's a disappointment, boy. You's a faggot ass b-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! SHUT UP, SHUT UP!" T screamed, tears streaming down his face. He was going to fucking die here. He was going to die in the void, he was going to die alone.

"Still ain't pulled it, huh. Well..."

The clone's eyes glanced over to the piano, and he raised a gun of his own, before pointing it at the two Dillons, though T couldn't tell which one from where he was standing.

"How about I shoot ya boyfriend then, huh?!"

"Don't..." T pleaded, biting his lip as his face contorted with anger.

"A'ight, put that shit down."



T closed his eyes, he had lost control of the situation just like that. If he let this bastard shoot "his boyfriend", he was going to kill him, and then they would all die. He'd lost, he wasn't thinking, he let his emotions take hold of him. He glared at his evil twin, before taking in a breath and wiping the tears from his face. He reluctantly lowered the pistol. He was thinking now. He couldn't allow things to escalate further.

"Now give it,"

T looked down at the weapon. He could do it now. He could shoot him, but if he didn't shoot to kill, the clone might be able to hurt someone before he went down. And if he did shoot to kill...he couldn't go out like that. He didn't want to die, and he didn't have to, he just needed to hand the gun over.

"The fuck are y'all looking at?!" The clone shouted, his voice identical to T's, but filled with malice and violence.

"Fine, here," T said, quiet, defeated, as he made to hand the gun over.

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