What the F*ck is Happening

Grey raised his eyebrows when Tee spoke to him like a kid. Just because he was higher than a kite doesn’t mean he should be talked down to, he does have a doctorate (an honorary degree from Berklee where he had received his bachelors, but a doctorate all the same). He was about to comment that neither had spoken to him so he can’t have a preference when a wall in the house disappeared and a cluttered music room appeared.

“Now this is interesting” Grey muttered, getting up to listen to their performance, though quite confused behind their reasoning, they obviously weren’t playing more than one instrument like their dream was, it was just two of them playing one instrument each.

As they finished Grey clapped and grabbed a bass, ready to show these people how he became famous. Before he could play, however, Tee got attacked by Tee.

“What the fuck is happening?? Why don’t I get a twin??”

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