Grey steps out

Grey had never been good with confrontation because he hardly ever took sides, unless he knew all the facts. He decided to avoid being asked his opinion (though it was unlikely, he knew enough drugs had really taken a toll on what little intelligence he had) so he headed outside, with the bass an amp, which was still plugged in inside.

Leaning against the back wall, in front of his car which was quite an eyesore on the otherwise beautiful area Dillon had created, Grey just began to play. He couldn’t play any of his band’s music, being just the bass, so he just played what his heart said. It sounded a lot like This*.

It was at this moment that Grey realized he wasn’t just going to wake up on the floor of some party, that this wasn’t just him tripping hard. Wherever he was, and whatever was happening, was real. For the first time since getting there Grey was more than just indifferent, and the weight was actually starting to sink in, so he did what he always does when he can’t handle what’s happening. He smoked, and he played, and he stayed away from all the new people, even though he loved people. He wouldn’t be much help now. He’ll wait until the moods light again and slide back inside. Happy, dumb, and blissfully unaware.

Until then, he played.

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