Normally, he would've just ignored that Grey was eating the pie. He would've felt annoyed or upset, but he wouldn't have said anything. Or maybe just 'save some for everybody', but today, here and now, so soon after a breakdown, his emotions were much more reactive and unstable.

He huffed loudly. "Grey, really? I was going to wait for- you could've asked!" He didn't sound angry per se, but it was more than just annoyance. Exasperation perhaps. That was his aunt's apple pie. She might as well have made it herself, one last thing to have of her, and Grey was eating it without a care in the world.

He made an angry little growl in his throat before stomping over to the couch and curling up on it, hugging one of the pillows tightly and hiding his face in it. The back of the couch was to the kitchen. Grey couldn't see him anyway, but he didn't want to risk him coming over and seeing the pathetic tears running down his face. He could've just gone back upstairs, but somehow that felt more pathetic.

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