Dillon reluctantly took the pillow down from his mess of a face. Damnit, T was being so sweet. He really wanted to just stay there on the comfortable couch, but he knew he didn't really want to have Grey in any of the following conversation. He nodded and shifted to sit up so he could get up. He ran a hand through his hair to get it back into possition so at least some of his horribly compromised face was covered.

He hesitantly took T's hand in his own and lead him back upstairs. He didn't acknowledge Grey again, but he just didn't really care if leaving him was rude right now. "I'm sorry..." he mumbled weakly. "It... It's not about you. I've... This just... Got me thinking about a lot, you know?" He'd managed not to linger on thoughts about himself until now. Trying to figure out where they were and how to get out had been such a good distraction until he'd had to think about himself. Maybe this was Isaac's intention... or maybe he was overthinking it.

They were in his room again, sitting together. Dillon still had T's hand in his. There was no way the older man wouldn't notice that his hand was trembling. He took a long deep breath. "I..." He swallowed. "Look, T, I... I like you," he admitted. It felt good to say out loud. He looked T in the eyes, even tucking his bangs behind his ear and out of his face so T could see both of his. "I... I like you, but... It's not that kind of 'but' it's just... We've only known each other for a few hours. I..." He sighed. "I don't really... have much relationship knowledge or experience, but... I... I would like to try and make something of this, but I... I just think we should try to get to know eachother first."

They were in this endless void of the unknown. If they took things too fast, and things went wrong, they could crash and burn. They'd be left hurt with no way to put any distance between eachother and likely no one else to go to. If they took it slow and it didn't work out... That was it. It just wouldn't work out. Nobody would be hurt. No worlds would come crashing down.

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