Friendly Introduction

Isaac briefly contemplated claiming Dillon's identity to these people, but decided against it. Maybe it was better to be his own person.

He tilted his head to the side and put on a smirk, accepting Mr. Ren faire's handshake. "Isaac," he said simply. He did like the name afterall.

He started to wonder if it would be benificial to have himself a circle of friends outside of Dillon's. He'd go back to Dillon, he would, but for now, during his little soul search (yes he really was doing that out here) he figured having something independent could be, dare he say, good for him? At the very least, it gave him more material and rescources. Having actual people on his side would be great.

"And you, fair lady?" he said in a joking proper and pompous British accent, elegantly offering his hand. He almost cringed at how it came out. He was aiming for ren faire, but it hit more fedora. God, how was that for a first impression? Suddenly he didn't feel as cool as he had so far. Maybe he was even more human than he thought

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