Go Slow

T smiled behind his arms as Dillon slowly uncovered his face and their eyes met. Even when he was crying he was cute. T wanted to stay here forever, he felt so comfortable so close to Dillon. But he knew that what they might talk about next should probably be just between them. He wasn't sure what Dillon had been crying about, but it seemed T's antics had succeeded in cheering him up, much to his jubilation. Dillon fixed his hair, before finally sitting up. T stood too, but he was slightly caught off guard when Dillon grabbed his hand. He just wasn't expecting it, but he tried to stay calm as Dillon led him up the stairs.

Okay, so we're at the hand-holding stage. No big deal. Relax, T, relax, he thought walking through the hall, but his heart was ready to jump out of his chest. His hands were shaking. So was Dillon's. He looked down the hall, his eyes meeting Pauling's just as he walked through the door. His room-turned containment cell was just down there, and so was his other half.

T exhaled as he sat next to Dillon, he still had the younger man's shaking hand in his own.

"I... Look, T, I... I like you," T couldn't help but smile. I like you too, he thought, but he let Dillon continue.

"I... I like you, but... It's not that kind of 'but' it's just... We've only known each other for a few hours. I..." He sighed.

Jesus. It had been only hours since they had met, hadn't it? T would have never thought their meeting would snowball into this. Especially not in such little time.

"I don't really... have much relationship knowledge or experience, but... I... I would like to try and make something of this, but I... I just think we should try to get to know eachother first."

T was silent for a moment as he gathered his thoughts.

"I...think you're right. I like you too, Dillon, " T chuckled, feeling somewhat stupid for just repeating what Dillon had said. But it was true, and he felt like he needed to say it, just for the record. Saying it felt good, inexplicably good, but it also seemed to only make his heart beat even harder, and he only felt even more nervous. He moved his thumb slowly back and forth against Dillon's hand, partly for Dillon's sake, but more so for his own.

"If we...y'know, keep going with this...with us..." T let out a small sigh, his mind was drawing blanks all of a sudden, but he just wanted to say this right.

"I wanna try, too. But, like, I wanna really try. Every other time I've been in this position... y'know... somehow I fuck it up. And I just don't wanna fuck this up."

He nodded, affirming those thoughts in his head.

"This is...this is right. Rushing things is how you fuck up. And, y'know...if it was fast and easy...how would we have time to really care about each other?"

You're rambling. T thought. Well, jeez, he'd never really been in a situation like this. but it seemed Dillon was just as unexperienced as he was, that made him feel a little bit calmer. You're both tripping, it's okay.

T sighed one last time, but it was like, a happy sigh. Contented. Of all the things he had to worry about since he got here, this was the one thing he preferred. He'd worry about Dillon any day.

He let out a small laugh, before looking at Dillon with a stupid smile on his face, fully aware of his own stupidity but loving it all the same, "But yeah, I think that's a good idea. Let's....let's go slow."

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