Basically Rich

Dillon chuckled weakly. "Hopefully this will take some of the tension off... or maybe, it'll just make it worse, but..." He sighed. "Of all of the infinite people I could've wound up here with, I'm glad one was you.... I don't know what I'd do with just Grey and Pauling... I'd probably lose my mind a lot quicker. I mean, place like this, I'd say it's inevitable, but..." He stopped. He'd gone from a cheesy line to rambling, but T still looked just as happy with him. He held his hand just a little tighter. He just smiled gently at T.

He longed to hold the man... or to be held by him. A hug, as it was called, or maybe... a cuddle? Except he'd just asked to take it slow. But... hugs were perfectly plutonic, right? "Hey, can we, uh... hug?" Once allowed, he put his arms around T and his head on his shoulder. No wonder he'd longed for it so hard. It felt like he was melting with relief, like he could put his stresses on the back burner.

"We should... probably start getting to know eachother, huh? I guess I'll start? I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Something I guess I should tell you sooner than later is..." he sighed. "Not that it matters here, but my dad is a world renowned surgeon, so... I'm basically rich."

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