Life is Bullshit

The hug was over far too soon, but Dillon didn't outwardly complain. He let his hair fall back into place the way it was styled to. His eye was starting to ache in the light and the serious moment was over. He let it go back behind the curtain.

"Texas, huh? Too hot for me, but maybe I wouldn't mind a trip there. I prefer to stay close to home where everything is familiar, but I have to admit, being able to go anywhere once in awhile is nice. My dad, surprisingly, is pretty practical with his money most of the time. I mean, he still spends it on nice things once in awhile, but... he's no Donald Trump. No multiple gold mansions and vacations every weekend. We only go places on special occasions. We go somewhere different for my birthday every year and we have a lodge in Alaska we go to for Christmas. Last time, we went to Paris for a week, but my favorite birthday trip has to be Japan..." He hoped T wouldn't think he was bragging, or flaunting, or taking things for granted. He just wanted to share what his life was really like. Thankfully, T didn't seem to take it all the wrong way.

T continued on his end. "My family, my immediate family at least, isn't nearly as...uh, fortunate. Well shit, I mean, we used to be, at least...decent. But, uh...shit happened."

Dillon gave an understanding nod. Things happened, as they always do. He knew that all too well.

He sat there with a look on his face that honestly looked a little sad, but his eyes met Dillon's, and the expression morphed into an exaggeratedly emotive expression of puppy dog sadness, and then a comparatively tame smirk.

"What, you didn't sound too happy about what you said either..."

Dillon shrugged with a sigh. His voice came out sounding tired. "I know it's rich coming from the rich kid, but..." he sighed again. "Well, life... Life can be rough for anyone, I guess. Nobody's immune to getting a rough patch here and there." Though some got it much worse than others and certain factors tended to make the impact of them hit differently.

He just wanted to lean against T with his arm around him. He longed to have that warmth and physical contact back, but he knew that was a little too much a little too soon. He wanted to hold T's hand again, but he'd taken initiative without asking last time. He'd let T make the next move whenever he was ready to.

The knock at the door startled them both. It was Pauling with news. His shoulders fell. He really didn't want to leave the current situation for what was likely to come. He stood up anyway. "Yeah, I'll come. I don't think it's a good idea to be alone with... These things." He followed T out of his room and over to the cell.

He really couldn't blame Pauling for not wanting to stay on guard duty. It was only a temporary solution, and taking shifts was an option, but nobody wanted to do that. What else could they do, though? Dillon didn't really have any other ideas. He doubted T's Other would listen to reason or cooperate. They couldn't reliably contain him and they didn't want to hurt or kill him. If they sent him out and told him to leave, there was nothing to stop him from coming right back. Nothing in this place could be considered reliable, even if they did havr the man power to try and have a constant guard.

Dillon would support T in whatever was about to happen, but he knew this was T's fight. He'd let them talk. He kept quiet for now.

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