Self Contradictory

"Eve it is, then," said Isaac, relieved his awkward little moment was ignored. It was so odd... he'd usually criticise Dillon relentlessly over such an embarrassing slip-up, but this one was entirely his own fault.

He considered telling the truth, that he'd gotten here last night, except he'd claimed that he was the one who set up the tree, the beam, and the clock. It was sort of true, but his story would be contradicted by the pesky timer. He gestured lazily at the timer. "I got here some time yesterday. A few hours before that timer started. So... Yesterday according to that clock, at least. The sky here is dynamic to match it."

He had to wonder if Dillon had gotten into the pie yet... He knew Dillon wouldn't be able to stand the smell of it much longer eithout having a taste.

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