Only a Matter of Time

Isaac shrugged. "It's hard to say how time works here... Maybe when we're alone or in different locations it passes differently. I don't think we all got here at the same time, though. Or... If time does work differently here, maybe we did? I dunno. I'd say it feels like it's been about a day for me, though. And for me, this clock feels accurate so far."

He checked the two and their surroundings, trying to see if they'd changed or summoned anything. Eve smelled like she'd been smoking. The smell irritated his throat. "So, have you two noticed yet? That this place seems to give us whatever we want?"

He braved another stab at looking cool. With a twist of his wrist and some slight of hand, the void assisted him in making a blue rose appear gracefully in his fingers. He offered it innocently to Eve. He wasn't sure he was actually interested in her, but he was discovering that he enjoyed being a little... flirty.

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