Time Bomb

"I can't chaperone your doppelgängers forever so start thinking about how to handle that as well,"

"Yeah...Pauling... Well, uh, figure...something out."

T looked back at Dillon, he had his back, good, the last thing he wanted was to be alone with that prick. For his sake as well as everyone else.

With Dillon at his side and Pauling leading, the three made their way down the hall, ending at what once was T's room, and was now where his Other was being held. T folded his arms, glaring at the clone as he approached. The hooded clone still sat there against his bed, blanket wrapped around him. He turned his head slowly, returning T's glare.

"So. You rang?" T said simply.

The clone let out a grunt, before standing, letting his blankets fall tot he ground. All of his clothes were still on, dried blood, and the occasional scratch where the glass had cut him still present and very visible. His face was, at the least, clear of dried and caked on blood. It seemed he'd wiped himself with a towel or something similar.

He stood and approached his side of the plexiglass, and the two were feet apart. The window seemed sturdily built, and it seemed a tool capable of high penetration would be necessary to break through it. Whether or not he was capable, it seemed evident the clone hadn't tried yet.

This won't work forever, we'll need something even more secure, eventually.

The clone stared through the glass, though this stare seemed significantly tamer than the one last night.

"Well, what did you want?"

The clone gritted his teeth behind his lips, "I wanna negotiate the terms of my release."

T stood there for a moment, as if he didn't quite understand what his clone had uttered at him.

"You didn't lock Issac up," He added quickly.

T furrowed his brows, "That's because Isaac's not a homicidal psychopath! You tried to shoot Dillon! And Isaac too, and he's a clone like you!"

His other frowned, "I wouldn't have done it. I just wanted you. If I had killed them you wouldn't listen to me anymore."

"Listen to what?! What the hell do you have to say that requires you beat the fuck out of me, huh?"

Other T furrowed his brows, but he looked almost, uncertain.

"I...don't know."

"You don't-" T let out a chuckle, but the laugh was born of rage, "You mean to tell me, you tried to fold me the very second you saw me, and you don't know why?"

"It's not even like that."

"Oh, really? Then what in the fuck is it like?"

Other T shook his head, looking at Dillon, then at Pauling.

"T, remember that one day at Robotics? I don't remember what it was, but something pissed you off. It was raining that day, and you walked a mile in that shit, straight home because you were pissed."

T blinked, "Okay, what about it?"

"That rage you felt that day. How did it feel?"

T shook his head, "I dunno... bad. It was...like, a strong fit of anger."



"You remember the pills?"

T nodded, "Yes, I remember the pills, where are you going with this?"

Other T took a step back, before looking around the room.

"Now...imagine. You just wake up, and that anger, that rage, is all you feel. And it's all pointed at one motherfucker, it's so strong you can't think straight. What do you think you would do in that-"

"Hold up, hold the fuck up. So you're telling me that you were just pissed, at nothing, and that's why you did what you did? Threatened my friends? You knew they were my friends! And you knew about Dillon, and you pointed a gun at him! You tried to kill me!"

"I wasn't trying to kill you! If I wanted to kill you I would've fucking killed you!"

"Oh, I'm so fucking grateful for that! Thanks for fucking sparing me!"


He felt a hand on his shoulder. Dillon. His breathing was starting to get out of control. T closed his eyes and let out a huff, before forcing himself to calm down some. His Other looked angrily between the two but did the same. T looked back at the him in the cell.

"Okay...so what the hell were you trying to do then?"

"I'm trying to help you!"

T stared at him with a mix of anger and confusion but didn't speak.

"You're weak, goddamnit! Here's the fucking problem, you let people walk all over you, and when you finally reach your breaking point, you wanna hurt somebody!"

"Oh, and you're supposed to be better than that?"

"No, I am that!"

The Other walked around back toward the bed, planting his arms on it and leaning on them.

"I was doing some thinking while I was in here, T. See, me? I'm a amalgamation of all of those feelings of rage, pain, sorrow, all of that shit. All wrapped up in a big ass ball. I'm here to better you. I'm here to wrench all of that shit out of you."

T let out a frustrated grunt, "Again, how does beating the shit out of me do that?"

The Other pointed, "Hardship, T. If I can put you through enough shit, you'll have a breakthrough. If I can just push you far enough, I know I can force that change."

"C'mon, dawg..."

"So...let me out. Let me out, and let me change you, T! Let me make you-"

"Bro, shut the fuck up, B! You sound stupid as fuck! Force a change? Naw... no, you wanna make my life hell. Man, fuck this bullshit, let's go, Dill."

T turned in a huff, and as he did his Other slammed his hands into the plexiglass.

"Are you happy right now, T?! Huh?! You know you need to change, deep down in your heart!"

"It's called abuse, and it doesn't fucking work!" T called back, not bothering to turn completely around again, "Did what Daddy used to do work?! Huh?!"

The Other furrowed his brows, before punching into the glass again in a fit of rage. This time, it didn't leave a mark. Both of them felt it, but T clenched his fist to ward off the pain. His Other growled, gripping his hand, and stared down the hall as far as he could see, before looking at Pauling who was still standing there, "What man?! Fuck!"

He returned to his bed, sitting and putting his head in his hands.

No. No, it didn't work. Despite their differences, his Other felt the same way. What his father used to do didn't make him stronger, it only made him strengthen his shell. The clone was frustrated, but beginning to grow uncertain.

T walked down the hall far enough so that neither could see the other anymore and then leaned against the wall.

"That went fast." He simply said, still huffing from the argument.

"I'm still pissed."

He started down the hall at Pauling, but his mind was on the cell. He made to talk again, but stopped and completely caught his breath first.

"We still gotta figure something out for the cell. 'Cause he could summon something to break out of there. If he's smart enough."

He avoided looking Dillon in the eye, and he hated himself for the reason why. The anger he felt in his chest, he wanted to hold onto it. Every time he got like this, the last thing he wanted was to go back to being calm again. He couldn't understand how other people could be angry as hell one minute and then nice and happy the next. It was something his Dad was good at. Not him. He thought then, what if there's something to what that bastard's saying? He's full of shit, but...

T did know, deep down, that he needed to change. It was what kept him from socializing with others, he couldn't help but feel that he wasn't fit to socialize, to be involved with others. He was a ticking time bomb. And then, Dillon... how long would it be before one of his faults ended up dooming their relationship?

T bit his lip at that thought, eyes still miles down the hall, and a conflicted expression on his face. He was hardly all there, and more so in his own head.

Yeah, but I'm full of shit, too. And it's only a matter of time before that shit ticks all the way and goes the fuck off...

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