Something Else

Though he was still steaming, T sat on Dillon's summoned bench, it was easier to think sitting anyhow. It was frustrating, this situation. T could see traces of sanity in his clone, but it was like he had been corrupted somehow. All of those bad qualities, the rage, the sorrow, blah blah blah, T has those himself, but they didn't do that to him. No, his Other was obsessed. He was insane. That's what bothered him the most. He wasn't some evil clone that wanted to hurt T. He actually that thought he was helping him! It was a truly terrible fate, to think with full conviction you're in the right and yet not be. It seemed his Other was a troubled person, lost and confused, but extremely dangerous. And perhaps, a warning of what T could be should his emotions take over completely.

T sighed, finishing the last of his water bottle. Dillon hadn't said anything since he'd sat, but T felt better anyway. Was it him? Or maybe, T just didn't want to lose control in front of Dill. He knew he would prefer greatly to not ever do that again.

But, let's be honest, it's inevitable, isn't it?

He heard Dillon sigh, and turned towards him slightly, "I guess we're both kinda fucked up inside, huh?"

T allowed himself to smirk at his comment, "I guess so."

"I wonder if we're all gonna wind up with one eventually. Maybe we got ours first because... we have it worst? Two impatient bastards, I guess." He sighed again.

Could that be the case? He wondered what Pauling's Other or Grey's would be like. T allowed himself to chuckle again.

Grey's Other? Now that'd be a sight to see.

"Isaac seemed pretty nice when he left, but... Now that I'm thinking about it, I'll level with you; I bet he's an asshole. He's just... a lot less direct than a certain somebody over there. If the whole pretending to be me think tells us anything, I think we can assume he's a good actor. Maybe we shouldn't have let him go, but... I don't think he'll do anything too bad put there... At least... I hope he doesn't. If they're similar enough, I bet he'll be back soon enough anyway."

T let out a grunt, "But what happens then? I can't imagine Isaac being too violent, especially not as violent as...y'know, him, but maybe being upfront and in-your-face is better than behind-your-back..."

He clasped his hands and rested his chin on them, "Or maybe they're just two completely different types of bad..."

Dillon let out a heavier sigh, looking down the hall again. "What are we going to do about him? The rules of this place are still so uncertain... I don't think we can guarantee or count on anything. You think maybe..." He shrugged to himself. "Maybe I can try to talk to him. I... I don't know what I could accomplish with it, if anything, but... I dunno, maybe we'll get a different result if someone other than you talks to him."

T turned and looked at him, it wasn't really an angry look, but it was more like he was evaluating him. He frowned and shook his head, " Talk to don't-"

He was silent, thinking.

"I don't think anything I can say to him will make his mind change. He's obsessed with fixing me or whatever, and honestly, he just...pisses me off. But...he's me. So... if there was anyone he might be willing to listen to, and if he has the same or similar desires as me... I bet he'd listen to you faster than anyone else."

It wasn't just because he liked Dillon. Dillon was easy to talk to, T was an introvert, yet he felt he could talk to Dillon anytime. T thought, maybe that chemistry between them might work for his Other self, too. Who better to talk him down when he was losing himself than Dill? T nodded.

"Know what, if that's what you wanna do..." T reached over and rested his hand on Dillon's. He smiled, half smirk and half blush, " But... try not to piss him off. He's not right in the head, there's some me in there... but a whole lotta... I dunno, something else, "

The contact was only for a few seconds, but he longed for it to be longer, closer. Soon, but not yet, he had more pressing matters than his own comfort. T removed his hand and slid both in his pockets.

"Just... don't make me have to come and save you, kay? Be careful. I don't know what he might do. "

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