Flowers and Smokes

Eve nodded thoughtfully taking the flower from him. “ It could be that … or maybe its us individually who are simply willing these things into existence.”

She shrugged her shoulders then.

“I’m not saying that I’m right or even really have any idea about what I’m talking about here but I’ve kind of noticed that we never actually see these things appear. Rather the dynamic seems to be that we simply express the desire for a specific thing and that the specific thing appears when we aren’t looking which seems a tad odd.”
She paused smelling the flower.

“At first I thought that maybe it was this place or perhaps some divine power but then it dawned on me that it’s not what is here but rather what isn’t here. I mean there is literally no one here other than ourselves beating us over the head with so called ‘reality’ telling us over and over again what the rules are and what can and cannot be done. So, we are free to define the rules of this reality as we see fit and by proxy create whatever we want or desire within the scope of our own knowledge and experience.”
She paused pulling her box of cigarettes from her pocket opening it to see that it was full once again.

“Take this for example, where I come from these were my favorite band of smokes but the Church ordered the company to stop making them years ago because the brand name was considered offensive to the Pope. These are still my favorites however and when I arrived here I really-really wanted them and now here they are, and not only are they here but the box is always full perhaps symbolic of my unspoken desire to never run out of them again. ”

"I'm just thinking that the only reason the things appear like they do is because we as individuals can grasp and understand the concept of 'something' other then ourselves magically providing for us but the idea that we can do for ourselves has been all but beaten out of us."

She closed the box and stuffed it back in her pocket.

“But then again I could be full of shit so … “

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