Isaac almost wanted to laugh, but he settled for a light chuckle instead. Of course the goth girl was little miss deep philosophy. "No, no... It makes sense. Perhaps we're all so conditioned to feel so powerless and helpless in our lives that... of course I wouldn't assume that I myself am capable of being the source of these things."

He reached up into the tree's branches and plucked out a Rubik's cube as if it were a fruit growing there. He looked it over once before shifting to play with it behind his back. "But then, or course, we wouldn't be able to do it outside of this place. I doubt that, were we able to leave, we'd take the ability with us.

"Maybe... it's a combination. These things wouldn't appear if we weren't here, and they wouldn't appear if we weren't here. As for not being able to see these things happen... maybe that's just one of the mysterious laws of the unique physics of this place: change cannot occur while observed. There is a similar theory that applies to an experiment in quantum physics. When the experiment is observed, the results are different than when it isn't. Then, there's that old thought... if a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Does the world exist when you aren't looking?"

The clicking and friction of the plastic pieces knocking against eachother was constant behind his back.

"I don't think this place is a conscious being. I think it's a blank canvas. Or maybe a mirror. If we weren't here, it would stay blank. Yet... Maybe it's just from our subconscious, or maybe this place has some kind of intelligence, because every so often, it will give us something we didn't strictly ask for."

He finally took the cube out from behind his back and lifted it up. It was complete. "Either this was a one in a million chance, I am that skilled, I subconsciously really really wanted to solve this, or this place just wanted to please me." He looked over it thoughtfully in his hands. "I doubt my actions were guided. So perhaps the colors were switched while they were out of view?"

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