Paint it Black

“That’s not quite what I’m getting at.” Eve offered collecting the cube from his hand and messing the colors up again as he watched.

“What I’m thinking is that the visual element is a subconscious denial of our own ability. Due to our own limitations we cannot grasp the concept that these things happen because we will them. Thus we need to have belief or faith if you will in ‘the Other’ for the ability to manifest.”

Eve places the Cube behind her back as she continues speaking.

“We can’t or simply won’t allow ourselves to believe in a thing, but we can by default believe in the concept of a higher power doing it for us. It’s easier for us as individuals to believe that it’s the Void that gives us the power to do these things than it is to believe that we are able to do these things for ourselves.”

Eve produces the cube again but this time all the colored sides have turned a glossy nail polish black.

“ We need a crutch until we can walk on are own as it were. “

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