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Minecraft in Creative Mode

It had felt like nearly 30 minutes had passed now and T was getting understandably bored. This was one long dream. How long do dreams usually last, anyway? This one just seemed unnaturally long. Either way, T decided he was going to need something else to do. He turned the stereos off and put his Skullcandy headphones back on. A song he didn't care enough about to note by name came on, something by a rapper named Joyner Lucas, but that was beyond his concerns now. T kicked the chain-link gate that served as an exit for the court open in a lackadaisical manner, hands in his pockets, slinking out and sauntered about this place he had created with his mind. It wasn't very large, but he couldn't think of a single other thing he would need this place for other than basketball, after all, it was a dream, not an actual place he would have to live.

T gazed into the white void as he stood at the edge of the park area where green met stark white.

"I swear I ain't never had a dream like this..." T said. With the belief that this was all just a dream, T found time to marvel at the absolute infinity his mind had managed to manifest in front of him. The white seemed to go on forever. Looking out at what he assumed would be about the horizon, T found himself wondering what would happen if he just started walking. Could he get lost? Or would his mind do that Inception thing or whatever and stitch reality together in a way that he'd always just end up where he started.

T found himself looking out for a while, and it was here that he noticed something, a faint blue strip of light, waaaay of in the distance.

"The that?"

T squinted, to no avail, he could barely make it out but the discoloration was unmistakable, and the only way he was going to get a better look was to get closer.

"What's over there?"

T debated moving in that direction, it looked like a long-ass walk, but what other way would he get there? T thought about all the ways he would usually get around. He then looked down and noticed something on the ground. Multiple parallel strips of what looked like metal that shot all the way in the direction of the light. At first, T was confused, but then he looked up and saw those unmistakable wire poles, which ran high above but directly over the strips. And then his suspicions were confirmed.

There was a loud honk, and then a sound that resembled some kind of bell, accompanied by an electrical whirring indicative of some machine in transit.

"Bruh, a whole Metro Rail?" T smiled due to the familiarity, he had only thought about it for a second, but here it was. By now, he had figured that anything he wanted to appear would, but he hadn't considered to what extent such a thing could be exploited. But never mind that, right now he needed to get to that light, or weren't they called...beacons? He needed to see what was at that beacon. As a gamer, he'd be a fool not to take such an obvious hint of direction.

T stepped through the sliding door, before sitting down on the nearest seat. He felt slightly uncomfortable doing so without a mask, instantly feeling unclean in such a public place, but it had also just materialized, somehow T figured it may not have exactly been used much before this point. Even still, as a penalty for letting the thought cross his mind, T found a black cloth mask wrapped around his mouth and nose and settled into his seat.

"I would be the one to catch corona in a dream," T mumbled, before feeling the seat under him, along with everything else shift into motion. It wouldn't be long now. T smiled at his ability to move like this, he felt like he was playing Minecraft in creative mode right about now, and he could only wonder what else he would manage to dream up in the time that was to come.

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