A Very Vivid Dream

T wasn't expecting such vigor in the handshake, but when Grey's hand slapped into his, his own hand practically moved on it's own to match Grey's energy. A good, form handshake, simple and clean. He was starting to tell what kind of guy this was; laid-back, probably smoked, likely accustomed to all types of people, T's kind of white boy if he had to chose.

“We’re not quite sure where we are but I think it could be Mexico, the others disagree. It’s getting late so you should really come inside!"


"What are your thoughts on cartoons? Because if there’s a TV in there I really don’t want to fight over it.”

"What do you mean, like anime? I mean, I like anime, but I got my phone so I should be good..."

T looked around the place, looking up and down the Japan-style house that sat in the shadow of this little green hill. Man, this was a weird dream. It was so....normal! And vivid, he couldn't get over how clear everything was.

Am I gonna wake up from this? I'm not...dead, right...?

T shook his head to dispell that thought. This was just a very vivid dream, that had to be it, he was gonna wake up in no time. T felt a pain in his stomach, not the dread from before, he was...hungry?

Have I ever been hungry in a dream before?

T could feel himself sweating now, his head was beginning to ache along with his stomach, but despite all that he kept following Grey, hoping that once he reached some kind of conclusion this would all be over.

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