The Color Blue and a Speech Impediment

T stepped forward to accept the rather stiff handshake from this doctor guy.

"Aight, Mr. P-I mean, Doctor Howard Pauling, I'm T."

I'm not gonna remember that, He thought to himself, before turning to the tall one, Dillon, who was apparently leading them all somewhere.

He lead them all back across the stone bridge over the stream. Once the crossed, he raised a finger and pointed towards the Zen Garden. "Not a weeb." He said it with a confident tone. "I'm part Japanese and I've been there, so it doesn't count. I don't even watch anime anymore."

"I mean, you say that like there's something wrong with watching anime." T said in mock offense.

He then turned and offered his hand, "I'm Dillon," he said. "Welcome to the circus that is... whatever this is. Best guess so far is Purgatory."

He has pretty eyes, fuck. T immediately thought, shaking Dillon's hand and forcing a serious face to keep himself from reacting to his thoughts, all the while having not heard a single thing he had said.

"I'm T, I've told everybody individually already so-uh, I-mean, I don't know if you heard...that..."

Great, he was stuttering now. T could feel his heart pounding over something as simple as the color blue and a speech impediment, and cursed himself for it. This was a dream for Christ sake, why was he acting like this? T exhaled and sort of turned away, trying not to do so in a way that was overly obvious. He turned his headphones back on, once again making an attempt to not be so obvious that he was an antisocial fuck by keeping his headphones around his neck, and turning the volume up high enough so that he could still hear them. Unfortunately, that meant anyone close enough could as well.

At first there was a vaguely familiar chirping sound, and something like wind or rushing water accompanying it, sounds of nature, which instantly threw T off, and he began to panic slightly at the prospect of having no idea what song this was, but then the music started to play, and T responded with an audible, "Oh, " before singing along.

"I just wanna stay in the sun where I find
I know it's hard sometimes
Pieces of peace in the sun's peace of mind
I know it's hard sometimes..."

The song kept playing but T trailed off, as something had just occurred to him. Who exactly where these people? See, in T's dreams, things like "Who are you, " and "Where are we, " aren't usually said, but most dreams don't offer nearly this much agency. Either way, he couldn't help but ask.

"Aye, so any of y'all know what this place is exactly?"

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