Life's Different

"God damn..." T muttered, just getting himself together now. He walked a step away from Dillon and upon willing for a chair, he found one conveniently counter-cross to the couch and sat. He took a moment to breathe, and then looked at Dillon. Dillon, who had just soothed him back to awareness. Thinking back, T was sure he'd probably on the ground right now we're it not for Dillon. and now, he had a look of terror on his face, as if T's freakout had inspired him to have one of his own. Instantly T wanted to tell him that everything was going to be okay like he had done for him, but his gut forbade it.

Don't go over there. Don't make a fool of yourself. You look stupid enough already.

T let out a sharp breath, before rubbing his eyes. Taking a glance at everyone he had met today, he made up his mind.

"I mean, " T started, a little louder than he would have liked, but in spite of that he pressed on, "either way, no matter where we're from...when, how we got here, we're still human, and we're still alive. So, like, what's the difference?"

T leaned back in his seat, before looking at Dillon.

"Look...I'm...from a time where life is-well-waaay different." Clasping at the mask around his throat, T raised it for everyone in the room to see.

"We don't go anywhere without these. We can't go outside like we used to, the number of people sick gets higher every fucking day."

He shrugged, before dropping the mask on the seat next to him.

"So, yeah, life's different. But we don't just give up. We're human, we don't know how to do that. So why start now?"

T let out a single breath, feeling like he had said enough. He rose from his seat.

"So...uh...yeah, I'm going to sleep. In whatever room...have y'all picked rooms? Is there space here or..."

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