OOC - Nightmares

Turns out a place that makes everything you want or think of real is a dangerous place to fall asleep. Especially if that place can make living things.

Nightmares, shadows, inner demons, inner fears, doppelgangers, whatever you want to call them. Your subconscious. That inner critical painfully honest voice, that doubt deep in your soul that you have no control over that's out to get you. Well, now it's out to get you.

They're a separate thing standing right in front of you acting seemingly on their own, but the cold hard truth is, that's you. That's your subconscious given a voice and it's not going to hold back from making you miserable. That voice is finally out loud.

The more doubt, misery, and/or fear they can manage to plant in you, the more individual power they have. As far as the void is concerned, that's you. Whatever they make, you must've wanted to make. You can't overpower or undo anything they make if they don't want you to, but at least they can't to yours either.

Naturally, those with the worst inner struggles or emotional mental illnesses will end up with the worst inner demons.

They know everything you know, but nothing you don't. (Though you may not realize aspects of your subconscious.) They can't always directly read your thoughts, however. Just your feelings. They usually don't have to, considering how well they know you.

If you were to die, so would they. Were you to be injured, they would show damage as well. Unfortunately, it also goes the other way. They tend to be shapeshifters, but they do hold a physical presence. Everything they are is anchored to you.

You're their priority and main interest, but finding themselves more individual, they may take interest in other people or goals as well, though they ultimately want to deal with their counterpart.

The void is unbiased. Somebody can undo or prevent you from creating something, but you can prevent the former, and the latter happens because of a stalemate- a direct conflict of interests that hold both your focus'. Power is in numbers. The void will listen to the majority.

Each character only gets one inner demon, but having more actual nightmares may give them new fuel.

Their power depends on how much power you give them, how much you let them affect you and weigh on you.


When dreaming or having a nightmare, apart from spawning a "nightmare", you'll still have a weak effect on the void around you. Your immediate surroundings might change slightly to match your dream.

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