Rather than go to bed right away, Pauling had used the time to read, flipping through various text books and papers to find anything that even resembled the current situation. Even a small stack of science fiction novels laid next to him on the couch he was now taking up. The scientist was accustomed to long nights. He figured he would struggle to sleep now and would rather use his time more efficiently.

Before he could make substantial progress, he heard the clatter of the bottle. Then another light thunk. The ...a slap?

"God Almighty, what is going on in that room?" He asked himself with a sigh, closing his book with a snap. He started to get slowly to his feet when the sounds escalated into raised voices, his picking up into a run as he heard Dillon yell for help.

He froze as he threw open the door, his eyes going to the two Dillons. Questions started to form in his mind. Did the guy have a twin? Or Does the void duplicate people? Is there another me?

He forced the thoughts back, slowly putting up one hand in a 'stop' gesture, his voice level.

"This is...a lot to take in. But first, you must put down the gun. We can discuss what is happening without the need for unnecessary violence."

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