The Game

There was always war, factions forming, rebellion, conquest, but no one expected any Bloodfed working, on such a scale. The Brazen Queen had reincarnated and the lords of the Cimrai had joined her power to hers. Together they breached the Abyss, and the Worm of Oblivion suckled it's way into Reality, allowing Kalacris and Cthuguar to send their taint through. A Maw was opened, and the world was almost destroyed. Cities fell, mountains crumbled, but the Progenitor races, in an act of almost self annihilation, sealed the Maw.

Five centuries passed, but everything was different. There was much separation. However, the Tribes flourished in both the east and west. They defended those who sought balance, but even their holdings were damaged and some sought a new way - the Feral, who now have to be contained. It is yours for the taking!

It is thought much mystery was lost, but still exist, even the Progenitor races must be alive, however cleverly hidden....SO much to do!