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Summary: A morose looking air genasi with striking violet eyes, blue skin and pale hair.


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Gender: Male

Age: 33

Group: NPCs

Race, Level and Class

Air Genasi
Level 1 Fighter


10 (+0)

16 (+3)

13 (+1)

16 (+3)

10 (+0)

10 (+0)


Haunted One: Heart of Darkness. Those who look into your eyes can see that you have faced unimaginable horror and that you are no stranger to darkness. Though they might fear you, commoners will extend you every courtesy and do their utmost to help you. Unless you have shown yourself to be a danger to them, they will even take up arms to fight alongside you, should you find yourself facing an enemy alone.
Harrowing Event. When Seph was younger, he chanced upon a few tomes from which he learned Deep Speech and eldritch magic. For a time he was a soldier. When his daughter was 6 years old, Lenore went exploring in the caves under the ruins. She was lost for days and when he found her she was dead. There was a funeral, he and his wife grieved, then one year later she returned home in the form of a decrepit corpse of a recently deceased crow.
Seph is on a mission to find out more about what she has become and find someone to bring his daughter back to life.

Personality Traits.
- I don’t talk about the thing that torments me. I’d rather not burden others with my problems and they may think me insane.

- I’ll bring my daughter back or die trying.

- I have a child to protect. I must make the world a safer place for her.

- I talk to my daughter's spirit and eldritch voices which no one else can hear.

Features / Abilities

Mingle with the Wind. You can cast levitate (w/o material components) once per long rest. CON is your spellcasting ability.
Uses: ☐ / Long Rest
Second Wind. You can regain 1d10 + 3 HP.
Uses: ☐ / Short Rest
Magic Initiate. Choose two cantrips of your choice from the Wizard spell list. You learn one 1st level spell from the same list and can cast it at its lowest level once per long rest.


Spellcasting. You can cast known wizard spells using INT as your spellcasting modifier.
Spell DC 13, Spell Attack +5
Cantrips (at will): Mind Sliver, Shocking Grasp

Level 1
Chromatic Orb


Eldritch Tome
Skeletal Raven

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Image of Seph
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