The worm tongue

"Well met Slit! My name is Ren. I am a juggler, a dancer, an excellent table magician and outstanding fire eater! My friends call me The Snake Eyes, the preacher of Lovecraft or simply a very handsome man!"
"He is an idiot"
Locke interrupts the self‐introduction "A crazy fool"

"Oh please don't flatter me too much! I'm blushing"
"See? But he is useful. A smooth talker who is good at gathering favour and secrets. Knows everything about everyone. But beware. He is a natural born liar as well"

Ren gives Locke a dirty look. The Goblin shrugs and moves aside, watching the two with mischievous grin.

"Don't take it seriously. He's just kidding! I've never lied in my life. Now we know what's our names. That makes us officially friends. And I am not the one who neglects his fellow! Let me see......"

Following the Kenku's sharp claw, Ren find the tall goblinoid. 

"Ah Olag! He is a lazy brute that bullies others and has his friends do some of his dirty work. If you wanna mess around him here is my advice"

For a moment the goofy youth is gone. Something cold and evil appears on Ren's face.

"The one who relys only on violence is usually the one who's afraid it most. They make themselves look big and bad. But inside they are nothing but a big bull bladder filled with yellow stinky fear. A tickling to the right place will make them explode, confused and distracted. An easy target……. By the way the tickling point of Olag is behind his ears. Believe me. The last time I try to touch them he nearly break my nose!"

The reptilian look disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Now the half elf bends over his body with crazy soundless laughter.

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