Silt listens to the Ren and cocks his head to one side considering his words. He considers that much like himself this may be creature of many voices. Silt narrows his eyes as he looks back to Locke. So the goblin would have him mess with the brute? He steals the fruit and Locke benefits, he fails and Locke receives so cheap entertainment.

Silt blinks, his mind flitting back to Rens words. A stupid beast with a short fuse. He clacks his beak coming to a decision. To Locke and Ren he says, "One moment." before he walks near to where the Bugbear sits amidst his group. Silt listens to the individual voices for a time before settling on one.

Using Lockes voice Silt says, "Olag you son of a motherless goat, come over here I have a present for you!"

OOC: If Olag takes the bait Silt will sneak in and take some fruit then move away catching Rens eye as he does so.

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