Information is best

He face and ears turned red and she spoke louder and before she could stop herself she said, “Because the the pig is an inappropriate whoring bastard that can’t keep his hands to himself. He makes me want to runaway!”

She also wanted to stick a knife in him, dance on his grave, and do a couple non-appropriate things on his grave on the way out. But, she had no passion about this plan.

She looked at the two of them knowing she had said to much in a public space.
She tried to unclench her fists and slink a bit more into cover.

“I can get some of that information, Locke might be able to get keys or someone who can ‘knock’ their way out,” she said. “It will cost us though and Hands keeps stealing my chips,” Adela continued.

Sung thought on what she is saying. “Calm yourself Madam Adela don’t draw attention to yourself.” He said quietly making sure no one what listening. “I can get you some chips to replace the ones you lost. I can only hope that will help you. information is the best thing we need now. to work a plan” said Sung.

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