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Before lunch time, Sung hears a message in his mind over the loud clambers of the smithy.

“I found your Albasar. His name is Abeoden Albasar and he’s apparently dominating the fighter pit. Put some poor Tabaxi in the infirmary today already.”

“I see” Sung says with mind speak. “what is the chance of you getting me in to see the man, maybe service his equipment? Or some excuse like that.” asks Sung using mind speak. wiping down part of his order. “I might be done with your order by tonight.” He says still using mind speak. “Don’t think me a fool, I know you’re not a guard but thanks for the help we should work together more often I plan to live in a week or so as could to this together. ” he says in his mind.

“The chances of speaking to Albasar are slim unless you want to go for a melee in the arena. It’s mostly a show for the Odal’s people and fun for the guards to watch prisoners beat the snot out of each other. Sometimes they will throw a wild animal in there. The nice part is you get paid pretty well, even if you lose, it’s like working two days. Any prisoner is allowed to do so. Magic is allowed as well, it’s rarely fatal, unless they can’t get you to the Healer in time. They will put you in temporary combatant holding. You could try and speak with him there. Otherwise I can pass a message for you. The only other option is to try to get to him in the Hive after the day is over or if he is temporarily reassigned for a break. The pit masters don’t care much for equipment down there, blades are dull, nets are shredded. So you have good news for me then. Oh, trust me, friend. You wouldn’t know about my secret if I didn’t want you to know.“

Sung pauses thinking not out loud or not using the mind speak, then says in mind speak "I am sure of it. so who do I talk to about the Pit? Can I get Adela as my healer? and nice to know about equipment thanks. don't forget to stop by at the end of the day for your tools." he said in mink speak.

“You could mention your interest in the Pit to any of the guards at any time. They love a good bout and would probably run for someone to swap with them. They are not very clever, if you haven’t noticed. So... you’ve already met Adela. It’s only known to a handful that she has healing capability. If you end up injured, you may run into her anyway. She’s bound to be hanging around with Mana at some point in the day. As for the tools, I will do that. My thanks to you, Sung”

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