Thieves’ tools

Sung is able continue working the rest of the day on minor tools, sneaking in some time to create unpolished thieves’ tools and 2 kunai weapons. Not even the Smith and his assistant seemed to notice anything was amiss.

Sung clean up his aera and was contemplating what to do next he had to make contact with the guy in the Pit but when now or tomorrow. He had slipped the two Kunai in inside his belt. Now he was armed to a small point he thought. He waited for this guard to show so he could pick up his tools. Leaning against a support post he pondered on what he should do. Deciding on the Pit would be best to get his mission going the less time in this prison the better. He walks towards the cantina. Finding a guard Sung walked up and asks. "So I here you can get rich fighting in the pits, what’s the chance I can get in to night for tomorrows fights?”

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