Finding Albasar

“You want to take on the pit?”

The guard sizes Sung up and nods.

“If you think you’re man enough. I’ll.. You, there! Stop!”, He walks off brandishing a club.

Just then Shtal jogs up to Sung.

“Wait a moment. Yer a fine worker Sung, and a fine smith as well. Here’s yer earnin’s, save ‘em up now, you’ll need a bit of comfort in that cell of yers.”

He hands Sung 5 copper coins.

“Don’t go gettin’ yerself in trouble with these guards. I ah... overheard the guard earlier… threatenin’ ya. It’s best to stay on their good side, they won’t hesitate to take out the slightest mood on ya, as you can see. I heard ya stood up for those two new dwarves lads. That was a bold move in front of the Inquisitor. I’d wager he sees some wisdom in ya.”

“Sung! Get over here! I hear you want to try your luck in the pit.”

It was that guard, Locke. Shtal quickly scuttles away. Locke discretely asks for the tools he ordered and leads Sung to the arena. Sung follows Locke down to the quarry. It’s a good 10 min walk down the switchback ramp to where the non-humans are lined up, picking and hammering at red stone.

Several guards and other permitted prisoners amass around the fighter pit which is a circular arena made of wood and red stone about 50 ft in diameter with walls 20 ft high. Only the backs of cheering spectators can be seen from outside.

There is a stone stair that descends underneath the arena on one side. That is where Locke leaves Sung.

“Albasar will be in one of the cells below if he isn’t kicking some ass. Good luck, my friend. Oi, Brandt! Take care of the new hotshot!”

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