Meeting Albasar (Joint post) DM and RED

Brandt, a young guard with very short hair and a stubble beard nods at Locke with a smile. He leaves the group of guards and takes you down the stairs into a dark corridor with low ceilings, the place smells of sweat and burnt oil.

Dust falls from the ceiling. Sung can hear the scuffle above, the muted cheers of spectators and the clatters of steel on steel.

"let me guess Brandt, he lost." asked Sung.

He gives a genuine chuckle, “Haha, you’re a smart one.”

"I heard Abeoden Albasar is your best, is that true?" says Sung.

“That’s right. Albasar hasn’t lost in three days, though we’ll have to see about tonight. A few things you might want to know.

1) You don’t get to know what you’re up against.
2) You fight with what you have and what you’re given.
3) Other than that, you fight for 3 minutes, don’t try and fake a knock out because your opponent won’t stop. Did they mention you may go up against wild animals? Anyhow, after that, if you’re both still alive or conscious, you can yield when you can’t take it anymore. But generally it gets ugly real quick.
4) You lose, you get 5 cp, that’s half a silver. You win, you get a full silver and another chance to fight.”
Any questions?”

“I need some rope about this thick and say... 4 pieces 10 feet long.
OOC - guessing on the length

“Rope eh? This I gotta see. You plan on fighting tonight?”

Sung thinks on his question. "I would rather not I have been working all day at the forge making things. could i talk to Albasar? maybe he would be nice and give me some tips before taking me down?" said Sung.

[Persuasion 11]

“Ha, sure. You think he’s gonna spill any secrets?”

" you can allways ask" replies Sung.

You continue walking to a row of 10x10 cells with straw beds and pillows. The place is dingy and smelly.

“Albasar, you have an admirer. I’m sure that will change once you two fight each other.”, Brandt chuckles to himself.

Sung tries to not let the smell bother him. he trise to make note of anything of use.

Sung looks at the guard "can you give us a moment I will not make any trouble for you." he says honestly and respectfully.

[Persuasion 10 vs Insight 7]

He shakes his head with another chuckle.

“I see. Don’t want to share your fighting secrets. We’ll see if it helps you when the time comes. That’s fine, you’ll have plenty of time for talking.”

He opens up a cell and leads you in.

“You’ll stay here tonight. You want to watch the fights I’ll be back around in a bit.”

The guard shuffles away into the dim corridor. A cough comes from the cell next to you. There is a hole in the stone wall that has been reinforced by iron bars.

“Who calls for me?”, calls a weary voice from the cell.
"A visitor Sung Hwa-rang, I work in Stillness mediating in peace. business frind of mind said to see you. The priest Tyrben hopes you are in good heath and spirit. That you would have grate knowledge to guide me on my way " said Sung in reply.

Sung can see the man, his face half hidden in the dim light of the quarters beneath the arena. He was a young human man, somewhere around the age of 30. Long blonde hair pulled up in the back with a thick beard. Dark stains mottled his threadbare cloths and his face was dirty.

A slight smile breaks his solemn face at the coded words and mention of his old friend, Respen Tyrben.

“So they didn’t leave me to rot after all.” He says it to himself more than anything.

“Well met, Sung.”

"I am honored to meet you to" Sung give a slight bow "I think we have some time until morning what wisdom do you have for me?" asks Sung.

Abeoden Albasar disappears in the shadows as he returns the bow.

“Wisdom, eh? For you, Sung? Or for our friend, Tyrben?”

"our friend, Tyrben, he said you might have something for me and maybe helping you to go see him.”

He sighs and shakes his head as if to say, “Where to begin?”

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