The fight is a whirlwind and over in a matter of 18 seconds. This is what Sung witnessed.

The crowd begins to stomp, culminating into a loud crescendo and with a “heeeeey” the sound stops and the fight begins.

Many things happen at once. The genasi runs sideways summoning a boomerang from thin air and throws it toward the young man who puts up his arm in defense. The air warps in front of him bringing up a magical shield and as he simultaneously throws a bolt of fire which flies across the pit lighting up the arena.

At the same time, the other two armored men run forward toward the genasi. One flings a stone from his sling.

Immediately after the boomerang leaves his hand, the genasi summons a ball of lightning and aims it directly at his opponent carrying the sword.

The young man is hit right in the temple with the boomerang that circumvented his miscalculated magic shield and he is knocked onto his back. The man carrying the sword is blasted unconscious by the direct hit from the lightning ball, and the genasi takes the bolt of fire and the stone to the chest.

He doubles over in pain and begins to put out the fire on his chest while the sling man rushes him, swapping the sling for his mace.
Before he is able to end the genasi, he is blasted by another lightning ball at point blank range as the genasi comes back for a second wind.

The genasi, now the only one standing, walks over to the aching young man and summons a falchion out of nowhere. The boy raises his hand in defense but the genasi hits him over the head with the pommel, winning the fight. The genasi stands, wounded but victorious, panting heavily.

He drops the sword and just walks back to the portcullis where several guards await him with manacles ands clubs. A moment later, the boomerang and the falchion disappear.

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