The fighting Pit

With the fight being soon Sung wraps his hands and feet with the rope making it in to fighting gloves, with stretching meditation he was ready for the fight.

He was offered armor beforehand but that would just slow him down, so he declined. Then he was shown to a rack full of weapons, ready to be used. Looking the weapons over he picked up two daggers and put them in to his belt. The guard led him to a corridor.

Walking down a corridor Sung enter the ring first. There is a crowd gathered already. The special box seats are filled with some official looking people dressed lavishly. They were cheering and making bets Sung wondered who he was up against. He turned to see a guy walks into the ring. No armor though, just a shield He was Pretty athletic looking. Not the biggest guy Sung had seen, But in good shape.

Sung adjusted his weapons as he dropped into his defensive stance. He would wait for him to get close and kick dirt into the Man’s face and use that to his advantage.

Standing there sizing up Sung the man started to spin the flail and moving to the right. The two were circling one other. Watching ethers every move. Sung studied his movement the man looked to be a fighter. Sung knew he had to try to stay out of range that’s what Sung thought. The man keeps his eyes on Sung as he circles around to get into a fighting position.

[Insight 14]
This guy isn’t a normal human Sung believed. Something about him is supernaturally attractive. He bangs his flail on his shield and lets out a battle cry and as he does his eyes flair with a holy radiance. The tattoos on his arms start to glow as well and his body lights up 10ft around him.

Sung guess he is some type of tribal warrior from his look and movements and the fact that he has no armor and tribal tattoos maybe a Barbarian.

[Religion 15]
Sung heard of his kind, a Demira (aasimar). Some type of humanoid with celestial blood.

[Initiative Barbarian 14 vs Sung 9]

The crowd did their traditional crescendo of noise and as it stops adeptly with a “heeeeey!”,
the Demira ran towards Sung with grate speed. Sung was taken back by the man’s swiftness. The man spins the fail going to taking a swing with his flail, lucky for Sung the fail was blunt, So the spikes won’t dig in but it will still hurt like hell Sung tries to dodge spin to the left but was too late and gets hit. The fail hit Sung in the head as the three metal bolls strike Sung could feel himself fall. He knew he had been taken down in one blow. His ears rang his head throbbing as thing when dark.

[Sung takes 10]

The man drops his flail and kneels over Sung touching him with his hands. Sung had a white hue but remain unconscious. [regain 1 HP]

The crowd cheers then realize that Sung was knocked unconscious. The crowd booed as Sung was carried out of the ring.

Sung wakes up in the afternoon to the sound of fighting, but his fight has been far over. Laying in a small bed underneath a waving canvas canopy. A red stone wall is behind him and there are several more beds surrounding him. Sung was in the infirmary. His head still feels a bit rattled, but the abrasion from his injury is gone. Siting up slowly Sung looks around to get a bearing of where he is and if there any guards around. He sees he has a small pouch of the fighter pit money on a small table with tea next to him.

Sung laid there and thought on the dream that he had when he was knocked unconscious. Practicing his katas by a waterfall being able to see the Ki flowing around him as he moves it moves through him, he starts to move faster as if Ki was moving him. The Ki had Sung move with blinding speed as he moved his feet his hand strikes seem to double. His old master appeared saying “Ki is the focus of the mind, body and soul. Practice this and gain enlightenment and power on your way in life’s path.” Sung snaps back into the infirmary.

Then he hears, “Stop this! You’re going to kill him!”

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