Worth It?

While Mana is distracted healing Sung, Ivan walks past the sleeping guard he assumes is Erik, the one Adela calls “hands”. He punches the guard right in his pedo face. The guard jolts upright and grabs for his bleeding nose.

“Aaaaah, what the fuck?! You? Your fuckin’ dead, devil boy!”

Ivan stares him down, "Go ahead, pedophile."

Ivan got his punch in, he knows what will happen if he tries defending himself. So he just takes the beating.

Erik “Hands” shoves Ivan to the floor and gets 5 punches in before the whole infirmary is up and coming to see what the issue is.

Ivan takes 10 points of bludgeoning damage.

Ash grapples the guard from behind, in an attempt to stop him from killing Ivan.

Mana appears from healing Sung, who now awakens to the sound of struggle.

Nearing unconscious, Ivan spits out his blood, "Let the pedo go, I didn't feel a thing."

Erik kicks and elbows Ash, but is unable to escape the Druid’s grasp. Mana speaks something in Infernal; her horns grow longer and her eyes blaze with determination.

Ash holds tight and shouts, “Stop this! You’re going to kill him!”

Erik grunts back, “You’re damn right, and your next if you don’t get off of me!”

He finally escapes and lands on the floor close to Ivan.

Ivan spits in his face, "You like little kids, freak? You're not worth fighting."

Light begins to fade from the room and Mana finishes her incantation. She speaks now with a voice like thunder, clasping her metal rod in her hand, “Cease this violence at once!”.

Erik has his hands around Ivan’s throat but then eases up and stops. He lets go and stands back wiping his face off.

“The bastard thinks he can get away with punching me in the face?! And you!? You got a soft spot for your patients do you?”, he looks Mana up and down.

Ivan grins, "Rich coming from a pedophile.”

“Ivan, please return to your bed.”, she booms.

OOC - You haven’t really seen her more than a little annoyed but now this is scary, you know that she is using Thaumaturgy.

"You’re an idiot for not noticing."

With that. The man stomps Ivan’s head to the floor. Ivan goes unconscious. He stomps again.

OOC - Ivan fails two death saves and Mana dives to him, touching him and sparing him from death. Ivan is stabilized.

Ash tries to grab the man from behind again but fails. Erik now spins around and turns his attention to Ash but his attacks are lost as the Druid blocks one punch and dodges the other.

Casting the Friends cantrip, Mana shouts again, “Erik, sit down at your bed or I will be forced to put you there myself!”

He stops, turns to her in shock, and sighs. “Yeah... right.” And he steps back to his bed with his eyes lingering on Ash.

“Ash, help me get him over to a bed, please.”, her politeness sounded strange with the voice of Thaumaturgy.

After a minute passes Hands cries out in realization, “You fucking, bitch. You think you can get away with using that magic shit on me?!”

Hands marches over to Mana as she is helping Ash lift Ivan’s body onto a bed. He grabs Mana by the hair and pulls her head back. Then he punches her in the stomach. Mana grabs her metal rod and suddenly there is a crack of lightning, Erik convulses in electrical energy as his body ragdolls 10 ft across the room. There is a moment of silence.

Sung sips his tea, takes the pouch and puts it in his belt. Hearing the fight he gets up and follows the noise walking in on the scene and pauses. "what happened here? he asks.

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