Another Step in life

Sung after leaving the infirmary started to walk to the smith shop then stopped seeing the river, he walks that direction until he got close. I was a startling to see that he had seen this in his dream. He walks to the edge of the water closing his eyes he listens to the water flowing by. He pictures the movements in his mind. On one swift motion he stared the kata he remembered feeling the Ki flowing around him in the water land air. His hands flowing in a circular motion. His feet gliding over the sand as he moved.

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Immediately after he threw a hand strike, he could feel himself move faster as the Ki flowed throw him delivering more hand and foot strikes one right after another. Continuing to move the years of his training became clear as he moved his body swiftly not being in the same position as if dogging blows that would come at him. Moving like the wind flowing with the Ki. At the end of the kata he jumped into the air spinning his kick cutting throw the air leaping twice as far as he could normally accomplish. He lands in his fighting stance with sweat dripping down his face. He relaxed taking a deep breath letting it out slowly. He knows now that he had made a new step in his understanding of the body and the Ki that flowed in the area around him and how to use it flow with it become one with it.

He walked over splashing some water on him. standing he started to walk back towards the arena he wanted a second chance. He would not be beat so easily.

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