The Haunting of Erik.

Adela was dismissed when the pit fighter arrived for Pe’joi and the other ladies entertainment. She was given the afternoon to complete any tasks from her former assignments and get her thing together. She did not need to report back to the manor till the morning.

A servant grabbed her by the arm and brought her down to a servants dorm room. That was in a basement level. There was a small window and bunks with curtains. She was assigned a room with five other other low level maids. Mostly kitchen staff and cleaning maids. She had a small chest that had a lock to it.

On the bed was a brown dress that had probably been taken from a teenager from a merchants family. Dresses were not practical in places where you had to do hard and dirty work. This is where most people started out at the prison.

There was even a basket for her to bring her things back. The little she had.

Adela locked the dress away and headed down to her old rooms. She wanted to let Ivan, Ash, and Sung know what had happened and what she had learned. She would have more information that she would be able to share.

Like most girls, she dreaded that tonight she would be telling them she was moving up. She needed her partner to take over her part of the "Post." But maybe it could be expanded to the manor as well. Surely there was people there with people in the mines, on the farms, or other places. It could work if the others wanted to stretch the network that far.

She was redirected when she tried to go visit Mana. She was not given any detail, just told to go to her tasks. As she returned her rooms, Malek stopped her in the hall and informed her of what happened to Hands.

She knew he was blaming her for what was going on, but not in a mean or I am going to get you way. It was like he wondered how evil this innocent girl actually was. He also had no proof.

When he had told her what happened she looked at him and said, "I was with the Odal and Odets, serving Lady Pe'joi. While I do not care of Guard Erik, I did not ask anyone to hurt him for me." Her tone was factual. She didn't ask anyone to do her dirty work. She would do it herself. She almost confessed to protect Ivan and Mana. But, her confession would do little at this point.

He left her and she gathered her things. The bag of Bone Dust was with her and she knew that in the morning, they would check her room making sure she hadn't hidden anything or stolen anything. She needed to pass the jar of acid at dinner and plant the drugs tonight before the morning came. In her room she practiced the new spell she had learned. Weaving the tune as she played letting the magic build, then before it would manifest she let it drop. She did this for about an hour till she knew that the image would appear. Tonight she would use it.

At the evening meal, she waited for her friends to arrive. She would tell them all about what was happening for her. She wanted to check to see if Ivan and Sung were okay. She wanted to tell Sung, he should ask for her to visit before a fight. She would ask Ash to take care of the acid to get something to help their escape or do some good. She would check on Mana, but not ask much. Mana would be okay she knew. Healers were needed in a place where people did hard physical work.

She figured that she would still be eating most of her meals down and the store was here. Soon, she would be able to buy that sewing kit.

After people had settled down to sleep, Adela made her way to Erik's window on the outer ledge. He looked rough and as he was sleeping she untied the bad of Bone Dust so some of it would spill out. She tossed to the bed where it bounced, splashed a little out, and fell to the floor. It was not where she was aiming, but it would work.

She brought up a ghostly image of a young girl that Erik had liked and used hanging from the ceiling by a rope. With that in place, she started to play music that would wake him to the image. [Erik rolled a 1] He screamed and scrambled out of bed not expecting to see a woman he liked hanging from his ceiling. When he hit the door she made the image come at him. As he ran out into the hall, Adela headed back to her room. Where she climbed back into the window and back into her bed for the last time.

Out in the common area and hallway, the guards were reacting as if there was a riot. Malek poked his head in the room to see Adela and the other women in their beds. Adela did her best not to move. It did not take them long to find the Bone Dust bag with some of the Dust on the bed.

Adela knew she should have felt guilty about what she had done, but in her mind she thought she probably saved Ivan and Mana along with lots of women. She needed to be careful about Maleck, though.

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