Flurry of Blows in the Arena

He walked over splashing some water on him. standing he started to walk back towards the arena he wanted a second chance. He would not be beat so easily.

Walking back to the arena Sung paused as he got close, he checks his wrappings and tightened them some. He felt different now feeling the Ki flow it was a strange feeling and knew there was more to come.

As he entered the door the guard chuckled “back for more? maybe I can make my money back from your last fight?” the guard questioned. Sung just smiled “last time was a test now I will show what I have learned” said Sung as he walked by. Sung stopped in the doorway “You can double your money this time I might not be back after this match.” Sung said then entered the little stadium.

He did not have to wait long they gave him some fruit and some low-grade ale. He could hear the crowd yell as the current fight started it went for a few minutes be for it was over. Stretching some and standing he walked with some confidence. As the guard showed him the weapons rack. Sung just put his hand up disregarding the weapons and walk to the entrance. Looking out in the Ring he could see two standing out there with leather wraps around their fists. They looked like brawlers with no weapons or shields. By their stance he could tell they were not Monks but had some skill.

He walked out on que some of the crowd booed him. The cheer for the two others where louder by far. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He would not be just moving around this time. Sung waited for the bell. On the first ring he dashed for the one on the left using the edge of the ring. He was using his speed to surprise the two brawlers.

[12 vs 10 initiative]
He closeted on them in seconds he could feel the Ki flow almost showing him where to hit and increasing his speed things seem to slowdown for Sung as if the two brawlers were moving slow motion. He saw his opening as he flanked the first brawler. The second brawler had to move around the first not allowing him to strike at Sung.

[Flurry of Blows, 13, 12, natural 1]
Just like he was taught he moved with blurring speed he hit with two blows one to the head the other to the sternum area sending the brawler back as he hit the ground. Sung with his third strike missed there was nothing but air. this making the second brawler change his path slightly.
Damage [9+9]
The second brawler was faster than Sung thought. The brawler tried punching missing as Sung stepped to the side. Trying to move in on the brawler was a mistake as Sung took a knee to the knee to the stomach. It hurt some and put Sung in an awkward position.
Sung takes [3 damage]

furry of blows [19, 18, 23]
Sung knew he was really close to the brawler and did not want to get into a grappling match with him. Brining his knee up as the brawler tries to step back striking just below the sternum. The brawler’s eyes widened as you could tell the wind was knock out of him. Fallowing through with anther knee strike to the groin. Lifting the man off the ground slightly the brawler gasps trying to cream. With the brawler was bent over. Stepping away turning Sung spun his body brining his foot around and up then down hard striking he man in the back of the head sending him down hitting the ground sending a cloud of dust into the air.
Damage [6+6+9]

The crowd yelled and cheered for sung. Sung felt better about his performance this time he looked down at the man and realized he was in a bad way going to one knee “healer!” he yelled as loud as he could. A guard and another ran out the guard pushing Sung to the side.

Sung stood to his feet walking back into the entrance of the stadium hoping the brawlers will be alright. As he got half why though the guard walked up with a bag. Here he hands one sliver to Sung your winnings this time. come back soon Sung. Thank you I took the chance and bet double my family will eat good tonight.”

Sung smiled “good to her it, I hope the brawlers are all right. Well I am a bit tiered now so I will go in rest some think you for the silver” said Sung with a nod then walking away.

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