The guard The Illusion and The Keys

Some wizard (or some scholar? ) said that power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Ren likes to think that too much power makes people dull and dumb. Just like this guy who is standing in front of Ren and showing his back to the sorcerer.

“ Ah…… Malek. Lighting things with Fire Bolt is fun. But would you like to try something more interesting?”

Ren shakes his now shackle free hand and blows off the small fire on his fingertip.

“ What do you want to do? ” Said the young guards looking back from the burning wooden pieces.

“ A special illusion show which is only available to my special friend”

“ Illusion show! Really? ” Malek sneers “I thought you can only make Minor Illusion”

“ Making Minor Illusion does make me minor entertainer. Now watch and listen!”

Ren clapped his hand and suddenly a sweet smell appears from the thin air. A smell likes a perfume of prostitutes. The half elf claps his hand again then a music which stirring up the lustic fire hidden under the flesh echoing through the tunnel.

With third clap, an illusion of stained glass appears. There are pretty naked girl bathing in a lake and a young hunter sneaking toward her. Malek's eyes are drawn by the white breast of the girl.

The half elf sorcerer starts to tell the erotic story about Princess Badrou and Hunter Addain.

Three different illusion attacks Malek's three senses. The sorcerer's voice is mesmerizing. Half an hour flies like only three minutes. When the show is over, the young guard gives Ren a generous ovation.

“That was great, Snake Eyes! ”

“I told you it's a special show!” The half elf smiles.

“But the part where Mind Flayer summoned a tentacle monster to assault princess is a bit going too far”

“Oh you don't like it?”

“Yeah……” Malek frowns. “But at the end, the monster turned out to the hunter disguised by illusion was good plot twist! But you can use something less gross, like……Orc or Ogre”

“Hmm thanks. Then I can change …… Hey what's that!”

Ren picked up something from the shadow of tunnel. Showing them to Malek. The young man's face turns pale as he feels for his keys.

“My Keys! Gods! Lord General will kill me!”

“Well, he will not. Because you didn't lose them”

Ren throws the keys toward Malek. The young guard nearly drops the keys again. His face is mix of gratitude and puzzlement.

“Thanks but why? You can run away ……”

“To where? Don't forget we are in middle of the desert? I'll be a half elf jerky in less than two days. Besides how can I leave my best friend to die?”

Malek doesn't know what to say. Ren laughs and holds out his hands.

“Words are unnecessary. Just hug me and put those shackles back”


In the darkest corner of tunnel, Locke the goblin rolls his eyes. The boy is too naive and careless.

He didn't drop the keys, Locke has stolen them. And Ren didn't find keys, he just knew where Locke would drop them.

Now there are five key molds in front of the goblin. Not bad for a 30 minutes work. Usually rogues takes those to the blacksmiths but for spell casters…… they have another way.

Locke shades one mold with his hand. Clenches his fist and concentrates for a moment. When Locke opens his hand, there is a key made from pure magical energy setting on his palm.

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