Biting off more than you can chew

After Malek leaves, Locke releases Ren with the clay / prestidigitation key and after some practice with Locke, Ren is able to replicate all 5 of Malek’s keys as well.

That evening Locke takes Ren deep into the mines and tells him where to go from there. Walking past several intimidating looking bodyguards, he finally comes to a chamber lit with arcane lamps. There, a fat half-dwarf sits in a chair elegantly hand carved from stone. He feasts on a buffet of the best of foods Ren has seen in this place. There must be a personal kitchen or something nearby.

“Come, my boy. Have a seat with me.” He says in his deep gluttonous voice. “I hear you’ve been seeking out exiles.”

You notice that the path you came in has been cut off by a few human and dwarf figures.

Ren gives the fat man a polite bow before taking a seat. Not showing the slightest fear toward the men who are blocking his way to escape.

“It is honor to meet you sir. I am Ren. My friends are calling me Ren The Snake Eyes ……”

The half elf takes a survey of the room, searching if there are something that he uses for negotiation.

“I'm providing some humble shows in the barracks and getting leftovers from the guards. I thought I had a good life. But that cannot be compared to what you are having now. Sir, you are dining like a king here!”

He doesn’t return any such pleasantries as a bow or even a nod. He only looks you over while taking a bite of something that looks like steak and says, “Snake eyes, huh? I’d say you’ve got dragon blood in you, son.”

OOC - This guy is greasy with sun tanned skin, a dark patchy beard (not a full beard like a proper dwarf), the dark hair on his head is pulled back, thin and balding. He is taller the average dwarf and much fatter than the average human.

Ren narrows his eyes. This is the second time someone points out his blood line. The other one is Isabella Shadow Wheels who was a high elf artificer and the second in command of his former criminal organization.

“You are quite informed Sir” Ren smiles. “ How did you know that?”

Even his laugh is greasy. He chuckles. “Hahaha. Knowledge is power and it’s my business to know things.”

“Indeed. Indeed” The half elf nods as he watching the half dwarf's greasy face. This guy will burn like a candle if he casts Fire Bolt. But not now, not here……. “I assume that you already know there will be new prisoners arriving in weeks. And what it means to us all”

He leans back with a quizzical look. “What does it mean, boy?”

“I am an uneducated low life. Not even half as wise as you sir. But I know prisons. And I how they run. Usually the chief of the prison keeps their guards be superior on number or equipment to the prisoners. But since K’Mel started his purge, he is constantly pouring new faces into this accursed place. The ratio between prisoners and guards is already 1:1. With next delivery, we will outnumber them. To make matters worse, there will be a food shortage……”

Ren gives a meaningful glance toward the mountain of foods. It is very easy to notice the tattoo on the half-dwarf’s right arm. A teal serpent twisting down his whole arm. It has strange bat-like wings but no legs.

[History 2]

OOC - Snakes that can fly? How silly. Ren thinks It must be a poorly drawn dragon, and those haven’t been around for centuries.

“Gathering people is easy task, but feeding them is hard. Even we plant seeds. We can't eat them until next harvest. Needless to say over population and starvation are the shortest way to rebellion. So what should you do? How can you feed your people and prevent them from revolting? As a good politician Master Pakel, I think you already know the answer”

He doesn’t acknowledge the question, but wipes his mouth with a stained cloth, pushes himself away from the table and stands up.

“Are you hungry Snake Eyes? Have a seat.”

He pulls out a chair for you.

“Thank you sir. Actually I'm starving”

Ren stands up and takes the seat but never leaving his eyes from the fat man.

Pakel Griison pushes your chair in for you and gestures to the food while picking his teeth with his tongue. He then takes two hard boiled eggs from the table.

“Speak, Snake Eyes. What do you want?”
He takes a bite of an egg and paces behind you.

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