More Than Man

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Breathing heavily,Ren looks up the face of the half dwarf.

"I heard you were council of the court. A closest friend to the old king. A man who have fallen from his status but raises again as the head of exiles. A big guy who has an appetite meets his own size"

Ren blows his nose with his sleeve and licking the yolk on his lip.

"But now I start to think maybe… maybe there is something more than a man inside you"

He points a fat, greasy finger, at Ren.

Ren feels a slithering tingle through his brain.

[WIS saving throw failed, 10]

OOC - He is groping around in your mind like the Inquisitor tries to do.

“More than a man inside... You mean... like you, sorcerer?


OOC - he learns insight into your reasoning, your emotional state, and something that looks large in your mind.

[INT 12 vs 14]

Ren struggles to push him out but he can’t, not yet. Ren frowns. Shaking his head, slapping his face as if trying to drive away mosquito. When he found they don't work, he shrugs and abandons the effort to push the fat psychic finger of Pakel away.

"Like me. Well all I know is that you have great magical and mental power. But somehow…… don't wearing the shackles like the rest of us"

For a moment, Pakel sees the true nature of the half elf. Pure chaotic and evil. He made friends among guards and prisoners but feels no empathy toward them. He doesn't even care who will win if the revolt happens.

All Ren wants is taking advantage of the situation in most bloody and chaotic way.

Pakel takes a peek into the most delusional part of the sorcerer's mind. In there, everyone, every races, prisoners, guards, humans, elfs, half elfs, dwarfs, gnome s, goblins, man and woman, young and old, even babies trying to kill each other with swords, spears, clubs, woods and stones, teeth and claws. And the giant fire like the breath of red dragon engulfs them all.

"See I didn't lie to you. I am gathering small fire and growing them to burn down this place. Our goal maybe different,but we will go through same road"

He picks up a chicken wing from a plate and takes a bite.

"And I am useful"

A slow grin spreads across Pakel Griison's mouth.

“How do you feel about being kindling for my fire? I could use someone like you? You have untapped potential. My goals are much bigger than escaping. We are going to take this prison... and then take Pesh.”

Ren considers Pakel's offer as he sucking the chicken wing. He is a creature of discord. Power and status aren't something that he is interested in. But again his fire always hungers and it's never full. The half elf throws away the chicken bone and grins.

"What do you want me to do,sir?"

“I want you to get rid of Yemm Drovani. He’s that Divine Sorcerer everyone calls ‘The Inquisitor’. He will be coming to the mines in a few days and I want you to see to it that he doesn’t make it this far. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes I can do it" The half elf nods and says. "The problem is how far can I go? I mean……the simplest way to get rid of The Inquisitor is explode the tunnel and bury him. But I am pretty sure that you won't like it. Because it may kill some of your men, damage your property. Not to mention that if The Inquisitor dies during his investigation, The Odal will rise his guard and ask The K’Mel to send new spell caster. Someone more competent, more hard to deal with. So…… how far do you want me to go?"

“It would be best if you can get to him before he comes anywhere near the mines. As I said, I want his eyes... and mind... as far away from this place as possible. But if you must, a collapsed tunnel will work well. We have... other ways... in and out. The Abjurer will be next on the list. As for the Odal and the K’Mel, let them come. Their swords are no match for us, especially the dwarves in their own element.”

OOC- You can tell he is worried about the Inquisitor finding something, not necessarily about findng him and his men.

[Passive Insight 11 vs Deception 10]

Ren narrows his eyes. This fat guy said that he isn't afraid of the Odal or even the K'mel. But being nervous because merely spell casters come to investigate this place? That's something strange.

"Ah it's good to know that my new Boss is a real man with plenty of grit!" The half elf gives a thumbs up sign.“ Leave the Inquisitor and Abjurer to us. We will take care of them. Now before I start preparations, I want to know their background. How much do you know about them?"

"The Inquisitor is not an easy man to surprise, but he is weak, a mere diviner, though he may seem like he is more powerful. When you attack, do it quickly with all your might in numbers. He is known to put men to sleep with magic. Before then, I recommend staying clear of him. The Abjurer... i suspect she will be more difficult as I don't know much about her yet. If they are together, you’ll have a tough fight on your hands.”

"Then I will deal with them one by one. Now it's sad to leave but I must go. There are so much things to do"

Ren stands up and picking up some fruits from the table.

"By the way Thank you for the wonderful meal"

Without a goodbye, the dwarf watches you leave, continuing his feast.

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