"Take sugar buddy! It's time to use your big brain!" Ren throws an orange toward Locke then bites his apple. "We must find the way to distract two magic users in 24 hours. For now I have two plans. Plan A is destroying the tunnel and sealing the entrance. This is easy and safe. But not a permanent solution. If he is determined enough. Sooner or later, the Inquisitor will find the way to bypass the seal."

The half elf spits the seeds and licks his lip "Plan B is more risky, but reliable... We will poison The Inquisitor and Abjurer."

Locke leaned against the wall of the cavern. He caught the orange and crossed his arms.

“You’re insane, Ren. You’re actually going to go for it? I have to admit, I like your confidence. Plan B is risky indeed. How do you plan to pull any of this off? You will certainly need help?”

”In my opinion, there is no such thing as sane or insane. Only hundreds and thousands of different faces of madness. But let's leave philosophy aside, you have a good point."

Ren bites his apple and spits the seeds on the floor.

"We can't carry out the plan without help. Let's see... We got Adela, a quick thinking little girl who's working for the guards. And Mana, a healer who knows everything about medicines and poisons. Fortunately I know their weak point and how to push them"

"I'll pass on the message... Don't get yourself into any more trouble.", replies the goblin. He changes his appearance to the handsome guard as he walks away.

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