7 Days

Seven days went by in that dusty hot prison. Ren couldn't find the means to attack the Inquisitor nor the Abjurer and lucky for him, the Inquisitor didn't go in the direction of Pakel Griison and his cronies.

Over several days, the prisoners focused on work and gauged the security of the prison colony. They collected supplies and stashed secret weapons, waiting for the right time to make a move.
Ivan, trying to determine his own plans, decides to pay Mana Korbit a visit.

“Ivan, what is it?”, Mana greets him as he enters the infirmary.

There is a guard pacing the rows of cots looking very bored.

Ivan looks to her then the guard, "I have done some thinking about your offer."

She looks over her shoulder at Ivan as she reaches for some dried herbs and roots. “Oh? Good. Then I’ll send a letter out as soon as I can. I’m sure the earliest response could take at least a week.

"I see.", Ivan replied.

“Did you come for your next dose of the tea? It’s not yet ready.”

"No, I just heard some news and was curious if you would consider the inquisitor good or bad person."

Her smile drops and she looks at the guard. She then begins speaking to Ivan in Infernal. “I think he means well for some. But... He is on board with the ideals of these ethnocentric Peshans. He often abuses his power. He is much too prideful. I do not like him, no. He’s not a very good person. Why do you ask?”

Ivan speaks in Infernal, "I heard some news of an assassination."

“That’s not something I should know about.”

"I know, but out of all the people I've met, YOU have shown me kindness.

Mana smiles sadly and just looks at Ivan’s eyes.

“I... I think... you mean out of all the people you’ve ever met... even before you came here... and that hurts my heart to know that your life has been such a struggle.”

"It's really because I was at the wrong place during the wrong time, and as well as the brand.", he pointed to his marking and his tiefling horns.

"...sigh... What do you want me to do about the Inquisitor, Ivan?", she asked quizzically, her eyes looking from one of Ivan's eyes to the other.

"Right now, I just want you to stay out of his way, you see him, go the other way."

She nods, then shakes her head. "I'm afraid I have no choice now that I know someone is out to get him.", she chuckles.

Ivan smiles a bit, "Just stay safe, you're a good person, and I don't want you to be harmed. I still owe you for saving my life, more than once as well."

As Ash Talon meditates on his plans, he looks to a bit of druidcraft. Whispering to the spirits of nature, he conjures up a ball of magical energy to reflect some information of the weather ahead. The ball of energy shines golden tinged in a ring of blue, then turns to a bright fluffy white, then into a swirling red mass of dust. He knew that would be the time to strike.

Adela has warmed up to Pe’Joi, the Odet’s house guest. She is seeking a crew to build a swimming pool in the estate grounds.

"Surely you know some decent workers. Oh, and if you can get any of those handsome pit fighters on the job, all the better. My, that WOULD be lovely.", she says with a wink.

Of course, Adela gathers her the motley crew of new miscreants she has befriended. Ash, Ivan, Sung, Ren, even Locke, in his goblin form.

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