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The tea is violet in color and has a spicy pleasant fragrance. You feel no magical effects as you sip it.

“Indeed? Then you are one of many? All humans? Your abilities are not intrinsic but learned? asked the Inquisitor.

"My tribe is numerous and yes all Human. We are a nomadic people." Ash says as he sips the tea. No turning back now.

"There aren't many Druids left among my people. The power some of us tap into is something that our old folk tales tells us all creatures could once upon a time access. By being at one with nature and act as an extension of its will" the druid replied.

"Yes, the ether that holds the planes together, the same energy from the Meta that was bestowed upon our ancestors before they were cursed and it was taken away from us. Well, at least most of us.”

The inquisitor lets of a spurt of sparks from his fingertips.

“I take it your people don’t follow the the gods, but no doubt you are familiar with the Temple of the Aithra. The Order of Intrinsics is home to human Sorcerers and Druids. I am of course registered but have not had the privilege to visit the Temple and train with others.”, he continues as he takes a sip of his tea. It leaves a strip of lavender froth upon his thin lips.

Ash knows that the Temple is an old Imperial establishment that worshipped the old pantheon and kept great libraries and records of lore and such, it has been newly reclaimed and reformed by Humans and now keeps a registry of all human magic users.

"I have heard of the Temple of course." Ash is surprised at the turn in the conversation. It was not at all what he was expecting. A conversation that seemed to be turning to more esoteric themes. He decided he needed to know more.

"If I may, why am I here?

"Ah, now we come to that. If you mean, this prison, I cannot answer to that and frankly, and it is of little interest to me how you came to be incarcerated. What does interest me is what to do with you now that you’re here."

[Passive Perception 15]

You notice as he speaks that the Mage Hand inches slowly into your periphery, getting closer to the dirk beside the fruit basket.

“It is my duty to provide placement for all who come here and through the Temple I am charged with registering all Human magic users. Ash Talon, you are a Maverick and I mean to do my duty with or without your cooperation.”

[Passive Insight 13]

OOC - It’s unclear to you whether he means to use the dirk on you or the fruit.

Ash does not move and stays still and as relaxed as possible as the dirk swipes upward but a lock of Ash’s black hair falls to the floor. The Inquisitor smiles smugly and the dirk is returned to its place on the table. The spectral Hand retrieves the lock of hair and carries it over and sets out down gently on the bookshelf with the trinkets.

He cocks his head to the side while holding his tea cup.

“I hope you don’t find my methods too terse. It usually saves from any resistance. Now, if you please, show me something. What you can do?”

Ash concentrates and a flickering flame appears in his hand.

"Is this what you wanted to see?" he asks before dismissing the cantrip.

The Inquisitor looks spellbound. He sits up in his seat, eyes wide.

“And... you can use this as a weapon?”

His demeanor has changed and you can tell he is a little envious.

"Almost anything in nature can be used as a weapon if wielded for such ends. Like I said, I have very little power in the grand scheme of the natural order. Surely I have none compared to someone such as you. I have seen Sparks, you cleaned me, you have this spectral hand doing your biding. Again I ask why am i here?" the druid tried to push for further info.

As you say the word “nature” it looks as if something has clicked in his understanding.

“I am nothing if not honest. You are here, Ash Talon, because I need to know what sort of threat you pose to the stability of this place. I wonder... Are you thinking you wish to use that weapon on me?”

Before you have a chance to respond he pulls out his amethyst crystal and casts Detect Thoughts again.

"So far you have been nothing but courteous to me. Like I said, I have little little power and even if I was more powerful than you what do I do after that? Take down the whole settlement with a burning hand?" Ash asks the man.

“I have seen people try similar things. Please continue with something more powerful.” the Inquisitor orders.

Ash takes a deep breath looks at the man sitting across from him and quickly casts Charm Person spell on the Inquisitor.

[The Inquistor failed his WIS saving throw against Ash’s Charm Person]

The Inquisitor’s eyes roll back for a second as he shivers and shakes it off.

“Oh, that feels lovely.”

The druid sat back on his comfy chair looking at the fire seeing the effects of the spell take hold on the Inquisitor.

"Enough about me Inquisitor for now. Tell me more about you. What is your name? How long have you been assigned to the Red Prison and why is a man of your considerable talents in the middle of the Red Wastes?"

He had an hour to talk to the Inquisitor before spell dissipated. Hopefully the Inquisitor would understand that Ash had done exactly what he had been ordered to do.

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