End of Day in The Fields

*This is a joint post between Omni and Enderslayer*

"So, Diavel is it? You can call me Ivan. So how did you find yourself here anyways? I can tell these people aren't very keen on non-humans." Ivan kept working, he decided to take a pinch of his bone dust real quick.

“No, it seems they are not keen on non-humans, though I have been shown favor because I am Jiik (common term for half-elf).”

Between swipes with his hoe, the half-elf tells you his story.

“I come from a small village just west of the Sereniin mountains. There was a night raid on our home. Slavers took many of us; killed those who put up too much resistance.”

The man pauses to wipe the sweat away. He leans against his farming tool looking off too the sky in reverie as he recalls the events.

“They took us East into Karnate, into the desert, where we were transferred to custody of the Peshan soldiers. It was strange... the slavers, I mean. Something about them seemed... unnatural. Oh, but that’s just me being superstitious, I suppose...”

He is silent for a moment, but eventually snaps back into attention.

“And what’s your story, Ivan? I imagine you are all too familiar with the prejudice that comes with having fiendish blood.”

Ivan stopped for a minute, did he want to really share that nightmare? He began working again, "Let's just say that I had an interesting childhood with two siblings that took care of me and a father that beat me. I only got caught because I was running from my hometown due to a crime I didn't commit."

OOC - Diavel senses that you are repressing your words.

“I am sorry. Perhaps, I was too... cavalier. Your past is your own and I will not press you. Just know that you are not alone here. And in this place, a great many have been unrightfully detained and forced to work hard labor. I have met few with an actual criminal past.”

He chuckles.

“And most that do are human.”

Ivan gives him a smile, "It's always humans." He lightly touches his chest, "I will tell you one thing, I saw something that I will never forget about the night my family was murdered."

He cleared his throat and begin working again.

Diavel closes his eyes and nods his head in silent understanding.

Ivan sighs, "So Diavel do you know about a red haired halfling? I need to thank her because she helped me out and I never got to thank her for it."

“Field worker?", Diavel looks around for a second.

"Ah no! You just arrived. You must mean the servant girl, Adela she’s called. But don’t go around calling her a halfling. These guards are surely convinced that she’s a young human girl. Though I suppose that secret can’t last long. You will see her on occasion cleaning the West wing cell block but mostly she is in the guardhouse i believe.”

Ivan gave a nod, "Thanks I can thank her later."

“Speaking of which, time's almost up here. You’ll be staying in the west wing, that’s the men’s cell block. That one there”

He points to the building you passed with the low windows along the ground.

Ivan gave a small nod, "Well let's hope my first night isn't so bad."

The dusk came soon enough and Diavel led Ivan to the central section of the prisoner building. There was a long hall that served as the commissary.

Ivan gave him a respectful nod before going to his cell, "Take care Diavel."

“You’ll want to take dinner first. There, in the commissary. Ah, you won’t be paid until tomorrow. Show them your manacles, they’ll know you are new. Tomorrow you will get new ones that are more fitting for work.”

Ivan just nodded again, "Let's get this done with."

He smiles.

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