Adela started to feel a little better about life. She stood up to a guard and managed to help him meet his needs. She could tell from his look that he was not expecting a young girl to know about these things. This was stupid on his part because every girl knew about the brothels and Hands had a way of sorting through them that got around.

So, the young lady was willing to trade her body to have a safe place where Hands couldn't get his hands on her. If her guess was right, he thought the two of them might actually fall in love given some time. "Great," she thought, "Adela the pimping match maker."

It seemed to her she needed to develop a safety plan of getting out from the guard house and not into the brothel. The key to any plan was taking care of Hands. She had tried to set it up that other inmates would kill him. It had not worked. He tried to bribe him, that just got him to take all her chips. The man in the cell, the one hooked on Bone Dust, he was suffering. Maybe she could get Hands hooked on something or a blend of something and turn him to useful. She also needed a small weapon of some type if the plan did not go well.

She needed Locke. He worked with the guards and with others. Locke with his long blonde hair, charming smile, and connections. He works with the guards, and gets his hands on things they ask for, but he is never around for very long. She needed his help the problem but she didn't have any chips to offer him.

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