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Summary: A spoiled, arrogant rich kid with a temper.

Tony Marazelli

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Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: Humans


Tony is a young hotshot who thinks the world of himself. He thinks he's a lot better at everything than he is and isn't used to being told no, let alone being told off. He has more skills operating spacecraft than fixing them. Has a temper.

Physical Description

6 foot tall on the dot. Slicked back, shiny black hair and a stubble. Less of a jawline than he'd like. Spectacularly bronzed skin, partially due to mediterranean heritage, partially due to extensive outer space sunbathing.

Ship Name

The Love Sloop

Ship Description

A small, hot pink ship, with an extensive autopiloting system to make the controls as simple as possible. Built for couples to enjoy the beauty and privacy of deep space together, not to mention the option of zero G intimacy. Has comfortable amenities for cleaning, sleeping, stargazing, a minibar and an excellent audio system.

Current Capabilities (start with Life Support and Basic Communications)

Life Support
Basic Communications



Tony is your typical spoiled rich kid. His parents made millions through technology ventures and interstellar trade. He is travelling with his current girl, Brittany "Peach Drop" Jensen.

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