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Summary: Phila can handle whatever it is on her own, until she can't.

Phila Delphia

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Gender: Female

Age: 31

Group: Humans


Eager to do things for herself, Phila is proudly independent. She's also quite sharp and confident in her ability to figure things out. Confidence she has in spades, but she isn't haughty and doesn't brag. It might take her a little while to arrive at where she's going, but she'll get there on her own. Frank, but usually polite, Phila is a social creature despite being an introvert.

Physical Description

At 31, Phila isn't the flat chested, pimply girl who lied her way onto a space freighter and never looked back. She's mature now, physically at least, with shoulder length blue-dyed hair that' straight and manageable. Her face is pretty-ish, maybe some would say cute, without being remarkable. Her father was from one of the Asian cultures back on Earth, which one he wasn't sure, and her mother wasn't from any particular culture leaving Phila with "European maybe" and "Asian" as her background. She's fit, but not athletic, and tends to wear t-shirts, work overalls, and makes her own stickers which tend to adorn her clothing.

Ship Name

Two years ago Phila finished a major job for a shipyard guy on some planet she did her best to forget, and as payment she for The Traverse, her ship. She wanted to change the name to something, well, better, but it was already registered and it was just easier to keep the name.

Ship Description

The Traverse is a small, but not tiny, economy yacht turned retired smuggling ship. Aka, it has nice lines, plenty of space for a one-man crew, a few luxuries, and speed when that counts. The 2.5 deck design features living quarters for three, a kitchen, bathroom, cargo bay with multiple hidden compartments, an almost-state-of-the-art-as-of-ten-years-ago bridge, and the best part of all... a hologram capable, zero-G, capable fun room which Phila calls "The Pad."

Current Capabilities (start with Life Support and Basic Communications)

Phila's ship was in good working order before whatever happened happened and now she's working with a basic communications relay that can send basic voice recordings, text recordings, and she believes really crappy video transmissions. Her life support is functioning within normal parameters and her power is fine due to the solar panels her ship employs. She also has a functional deployable solar sail. She has enough rations for quite a while and her best friend, her minimal AI companion, Thomas, is still as lovable as always.


Phila has been proving she's fully capable of taking care of herself since she was twelve. That's when she lied about her age and signed up to work on a space freighter as janitor. She hasn't been back on solid ground since, learning how to make herself indispensable on various ships. She's learned computer systems, docking systems, life support, telecom relays, etc. She's a jack of all trades now.

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Image of Phila Delphia
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